Now You Can Add GPS To The Motorola MC9090 and MC9190

Now You Can Add GPS To The Motorola MC9090 and MC9190

Now You Can Add GPS To The Motorola MC9090 and MC9190The Motorola MC9000 series has been amongst the most popular devices in the enterprise mobility market and many are still in use in a variety of industries. As units like this are being used longer before being replaced it is worth knowing that you can add GPS to the Motorola MC9090 and MC9190

Unlike most contemporary units neither of these had GPS built in which makes the OrbitGPS G3090 a cost effective GPS enhancement to legacy deployments returning a great return on investment ROI.

These units are ideal where the user is predominantly on foot and not looking to return the unit to a vehicle or desk cradle.


The receiver is designed to snap on to the bottom of the mobile computer to provide GPS position information to applications running on the device. The GPS receiver features a rugged plastic housing that attaches using the device’s serial connector for communication and power.

The G3090 GPS receiver has been tested for compatibility with all the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems used on the MC9090 and MC9190 products. The computer can be charged through the attachment with a standard dock charger.

Outputs of GPS information are in industry standard NMEA sentences which are compatible with most GPS software applications. It can also be configured to output GPS information in the SiRF Binary format. The G3090  offers typical accuracies of 3-5 meters uncorrected and 3 meters or better with Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) correction.

The G3090 is tested to comply with FCC and CE standards.

Now You Can Add GPS To The Motorola MC9090 and MC9190Now you can add GPS to the Motorola MC9090 and MC9190. Get in touch for more details.

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