Top Enterprise Mobility Things To Think About 2 of 10

Top Enterprise Mobility Things To Think About 2 of 10

For most enterprise mobility projects integrating to backend systems is a huge hassle and is a common point of failure. Hard coded solutions and inexperienced vendors often require complex coding efforts to integrate a new mobile “solution” to a system that is already in place.

Top Enterprise Mobility Things To Think About 2 of 10



“How can I integrate mobile applications with my backend and legacy business systems”




The very nature of an enterprise mobility deployment is that is the majority of applications require integration so that mobile workers can enjoy 2 way access to data from the field. Putting task, inventory work order and account status information in the hands of mobile workers can dramatically improve responsivness increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Integration Wizard

Out of the box our Integration Wizard makes this task a very simple process that can be accomplished in minutes instead of the months required by those only concerned with making a device level app look good. As part of the system architecture it allows automatic table discovery with point and click integration to any OLEDB or ODBC capable database. Once connected to the external database the Integration Wizard will create the integration code automatically with no programming required. The wizard even allows the user to schedule how often to retrieve new or changed data in the backend system tables. Once changes are detected the data is routed to the correct mobile worker with no manual intervention required.

Custom Integration

Connect to a number of standard data sources or enter a custom connection string to integrate with your back-end systems. Set this to run as a timed process to periodically integrate based on your specific criteria and insert records in real-time as results are received from the field. Alternatively import/export CSV files for batch integration using URL operations or API.

Third Party Product

There are many products and vendors offering specific integration for a myriad of platforms. Costs vary so proceed with caution. If you are looking at this route Magic xpi is a good place to start.

Top Enterprise Mobility Things To Think About 2 of 10

The ERP CRM or other business sytems you have today may not be the ones you are using in 5 years time so ensure that your enterprise mobility integration strategy takes change into account.

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