Wordless Wednesday Mobile is Eating the World

Wordless Wednesday Mobile is Eating the World

wordless wednesday mobile is eating the world

Mobile Is Eating the World Click to view full presentation by Benedict Evans

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday At MobileWorxs

 Black Friday and Cyber Monday At MobileWorxs

 Black Friday and Cyber Monday At MobileWorxsOne of the biggest trends in the Enterprise is that rugged Windows tablets are becoming the new primary device in the mobile workplace. Laptops are so 2010! All the tech and accessories available can help turn your kitchen table car or van into a true mobile office whatever line of work you may be in.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over the weekend Friday 28th November to Monday 1st December. Come back and grab a bargain with one of our Windows Tablet and A4 Portable printer bundles.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Enterprise Mobility Deals

Get in touch to learn more about how our enterprise mobility solutions can help your business.

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xTablet Flex 10 Windows Tablet Torture Chamber

xTablet Flex 10 Windows Tablet Torture Chamber

The xTablet Flex 10 windows tablet torture chamber video was shot to show how the veterans at MobileDemand have come up with a new class of tablet for enterprise mobility. Not only does the xTablet Flex 10 use Windows 8.1 it is thin and light and comes with a protective case, carry handle, back-strap and scratch-proof screen protector. All of which extends the life of the unit beyond that of a typical consumer-grade tablet. Read the review.

Warning – Don’t try this with your iPAD.

Learn More Weighing in at 1.1kg xTablet Flex 10 has the dynamics of a consumer product without the steep cost associated with a traditional rugged tablet pc. Get in touch for more details.


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IT and App Developers Out of Sync on Enterprise Mobile

IT and App Developers Out of Sync on Enterprise Mobile

IT and App Developers Out of Sync on Enterprise MobileWe came across this article by Frank Donovan at Fierce IT about how IT and development teams view enterprise mobility differently.



Referencing one study he noted that “two-thirds of IT decision makers say that IT is the primary driver in setting the enterprise’s mobile agenda and 30.6 percent say lines of business set the agenda. This contrasts with mobile app developers, half of whom say it is the lines of business that are setting the agenda” Read the entire piece.

What is your experience?

Contact Us (16)

Get in touch to book a meeting or webinar to discuss this or any other topic around your enterprise mobility deployment.

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Why an SME Should Lease Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Why an SME Should Lease Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Why an SME Should Lease Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Confused Yet?

In most cases when companies undertake an Enterprise Mobility project they are looking to improve the productivity of mobile workers who are located away from a traditional desk based IT environment.

They soon realise that to make the deployment a success they need to synchronize a number of key moving parts including app design database hosting training hardware device provision and management. In terms of financing many have realised that the secret sauce is actually the utilisation of the system rather than actually owning it. This has been the case for many years for large companies who have always known the importance of leasing.


We talk to many SME’s who are competing with large competitors. They see mobile technology as a way of demonstrating process excellence to their customers. Whilst at the same time enjoying improvements in their own effectiveness and efficiently.

For SME’s undertaking an enterprise mobility project leasing provides them with a way to invest in a high return solution without having to blow up a huge part of their annual IT budget. In many cases the primary reason a project is parked is that whilst an ROI may be compelling an organisation may simply not have the free cash to make a one off purchase in an area they may not be familiar with. Adding another vehicle or employee can often seem a simpler option.

What Sort of Lease?

There are various type of lease but the most common in this scenario is an Operating Lease. In this scenario the customer only buys the right to the property for a specific period of time. At the end they can return the property or pay a nominal sum to acquire title.

The changing pace of technology along with inevitable revision of operating practices has led many to use an operating lease as a way to bundle all the elements into a single off balance sheet transaction that is treated as an expense not company capital. This can dovetail very well with the 24-36 month technology horizon that has become the norm in the minds of many buyers.

8 Leasing Advantages for an SME

  1. Gives the SME position power of a cash buyer.
  2. Allows for the payment of a capital purchase with low monthly rentals – budget and manage cash flow.
  3. Manage obsolescence with technology upgrades – without writing off large single sums.
  4. Invest money in other areas – more return on capital.
  5. Bridge the gap between what you need and what you can afford.
  6. Fully allowable against taxable income.
  7. Spread costs and save on tax. Payments are treated as operating expense so are tax deductible.
  8. Flexible.

At the end of an operating lease the client can

  • Add further capability to the system refresh and re-new.
  • Send the assets back.

Excellent ROI

It is not uncommon for an Enterprise Mobility project to have  a positive financial impact on a business function within 9 to 12 months. It is our firm belief that after the 36 months of a typical lease the solution will have proven it’s worth beyond the value of the rentals paid.

Why an SME Should Lease Enterprise Mobility SolutionsTo learn more about why an SME should lease enterprise mobility solutions please get in touch discuss how MobileWorxs can help you maximize the benefits of deploying a solution.


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MobileWorxs at PestTech 2014

MobileWorxs at PestTech 2014

PestTech 2014




Along with Brother UK we will be on stand 4 at NPTA’s PestTech 2014 on November 5th at the Birmingham Motorcycle Museum showcasing key Enterprise Mobility solutions and products.

Come along and have a chat about how we can help you figure out how an enterprise mobility solution can reduce cost and increase productivity and efficiency across your field based organisations.

On the MobileWorxs Stand at PestTech 2014

PestWorxs – our mobile app with contract and call out functionality for Pest Control Technicians is built on enterprise grade IT architecture that you can integrate with other systems. All for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.

Portable Printers – We will be showing the Brother UK range of mobile printers. Specifically the PJ Series of A4 portable printers which allow technicians to print job reports invoices and other documents in the field without returning to the office.

Devices – We recently launched the xTablet Flex 8 and Flex 10 rugged tablet PC’s. Enjoy Windows 8.1 functionality without the steep cost overhead of traditional rugged tablets.

MobileWorxs at PestTech 2014Whatever the size of your project we will help you plan finance and implement a solution using proven products that improve business processes and generates a meaningful ROI.

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Benefits of A4 Portable Printing

Benefits of A4 Portable Printing

Benefits of A4 Portable PrintingIn the age of mobile apps printing a full size A4 report on site can seem a bit archaic. What are the benefits of A4 portable printing? why print a visit job report or certificate when it could be emailed as a .pdf from the database side of the mobile system?



Why..? Because in some mobility deployment scenarios leaving behind an A4 hard copy of a report or other document is a legal requirement or simply best practice. Being able to print a visit report or other documents on the spot for a service engineer or sales person can save valuable time and by doing away with having to obtain a copy from a HQ miles away.

Using direct thermal A4 printing technology technicians find these printers easy to use as no messy ink or toner is required to produce accurate legible and professional. Not surprisingly document production is more legible and professional than is likely to be achieved via a hand written multi part pad. Watch the Video.

Whether it is for printing out receipts, site visit reports or the required regulatory notices, Brother portable printers are robust, compact and lightweight. Similar in size to a packet of spaghetti, 255(W) x 55(D) x 40(H) mm and 480g (excluding battery) the printer doesn’t add greatly to the carry around weight.

What Scenarios To Consider for A4 Portable Printing

Field Sales

  • Invoices – print a full size invoice on the spot.
  • Financial plans – print illustrative documents.
  • Price quotations – leave a hard copy with the client.
  • Contracts – close the sale and get sign off straight away.

Field Service

  • Invoices.
  • Service reports.
  • Maintenance reports.
  • Replacement part orders.


  • Invoices.
  • Paperwork for: Route Accounting/Van Sales/Direct Store Delivery.
  • Delivery notes.
  • Order sheets.
  • Stock taking data.

Government and Emergency Services

  • Fines.
  • Patient reports.
  • Incident reports.
  • Enforcement & Compliance notices – such as Fixed Penalty notices.
  • Environmental Health and Pest Control Visit Reports
  • Waste consignment notes.

PJ printers offer great benefits of A4 portable printing including a number of dpi options and can be run on rechargeable batteries, connected via AC or a vehicle power kit. They are feature-rich and have USB, Infrared Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity linking to PDA’s smartphones, tablet or laptops. Printer drivers are available for Windows OS and software development kits can be provided to support iOS Windows Mobile and Android applications.

Combining the Brother A4 printer with one of our field based apps such as our Pest Control system – PestWorxs results in an integrated system that manages appointments, and enables all call out and service information, data, reports and documents to be synchronised and shared between the technician and the office.

PJ Printers mean that handwritten forms are a thing of the past. The .pdf is dead long live the .pdf !

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5 Steps To Safe In Vehicle Mobile Computing

5 Steps To Safe In Vehicle Mobile Computing

In vehicle mobile computing is a key element of many deployments we get involved with. This interesting article has an number of tips to ensure your mobile environment is safe.

5 Steps To Safe In Vehicle Mobile Computing

One of the key points is to ensure that the device is mounted in such a way that it is effective but not distracting for the user. Consider how often the user will be docking and un-docking the device from the cradle what apps are loaded and how they can be locked down during a journey. Read the whole article in Electricity Today

Learn More (22)We can help you get this important element right to ensure that your installation fits your mobile business processes.

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Why Choose xTablet Flex 10 Over an iPAD Air

Why Choose xTablet Flex 10 Over an iPAD Air

Ever since users started entrusting their field based productivity needs to iPAD’s and Android tablets manufacturers on the Microsoft platform have had a problem. A vast number of users have been looking for devices able to run Windows apps whilst being more robust than a consumer product but avoiding the steep cost overhead of traditional WinTel rugged tablets.

Why Choose xTablet Flex 10 Over an iPAD Air

xTablet Flex 10 is an entry level 10″ Windows 8.1 tablet with enough computing horsepower to run all but the most demanding applications. Ruggedness is provided by the pre-installation of a purpose made protective case, carry handle and back strap along with a super tough screen protector.

Why Choose xTablet Flex 10 over an iPAD Air – 3 Reasons

We love the iPAD Air but for many field based users who are looking to run traditional Office and desktop apps buying a device that does not run these apps natively can be an issue. Adding an aftermarket case for ruggedness can also prove problematic.


xTablet Flex 10 ships with a bang up to date environment comprising 4GB RAM, 64GB drive, WiFi Bluetooth and Windows 8.1.  The unit runs on Intel’s Bay Trail-T Z3770 processor and has a plethora of ports, 2 cameras Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as an e-compass ambient light sensor, G-sensor and gyrometer.

The xTablet Flex 10 has a super sharp 10″ display which utilises 10-point capacitive multi-touch and also has a capacitive stylus.  WUXGA resolution with 1920 x 1200 pixels in 16:10 wide-format. Learn More.


2 versions with Wi-Fi are available at launch and are now shipping. Rates include UK delivery. What is the difference between the 2 versions?  In comparison a Wi-Fi 64GB iPAD Air is currently around £465 (£559 inc UK VAT) + a protective case.

  • Windows 8.1 with Bing at £532 (£638.40 inc UK VAT)
  • Windows Professional 8.1 at £646 (£775.20 inc UK VAT)

Call us about pricing in other EMEA countries.

Real Life Computing

xTablet Flex 10 Vehicle CradleAs well as the protective case xTablet Flex 10 is available with a variety of carry solutions and a vehicle cradle. The unit is rated to MIL-STD-810G so is able to survive 26 drops from four feet onto concrete. The screen protector enables the unit to survive a ten-ounce steel ball being dropped from three feet onto the screen.


Contact UsSo why choose xTablet Flex 10 over an iPAD Air ? Simple – when your mobile workforce needs a entry level rugged tablet that runs Microsoft apps…

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Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Conference

MobileWorxs at Chartered Institute of Environmental Health National Conference 2014

MobileWorxs at Chartered Institute of Environmental Health National Conference 2014


MobileWorxs will be exhibiting at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health National Conference which is taking place in Nottingham on 7th and 8th October.

We will be on Stand 1 along with Brother UK where we will be showcasing our latest mobile working solutions along with the Brother mobile printers the A4 PJ and rugged RJ.

Our aim is to help organisations rationalise field based processes and make sense of travel planning with workflow based mobile device apps that allow officers to record transactions on the go and eliminate re-keying back at the office. Where a hard copy letter or visit report is needed either send via email as a .pdf or print there and then using the PJ printer

Many field based mobile applications for regulatory services such as environmental health, trading standards, housing, licensing, animal welfare health & safety and dog wardens share similar workflow. For example PestWorxs is our the mobile app for Pest Control Technicians, it allows a pest control call centre to log calls, issue jobs to field technicians who can manage materials track bait boxes book follow up appointments and send up-to-date information back to the system.

All our solutions are built on enterprise grade IT architecture either installed within your own data centre or in the cloud. Either approach provides for secure real time data entry and allows for deployment management and integration into your existing corporate systems.

Mobile solutions do need to run on something.  So as well as the Brother Mobile printing products we will also be showcasing Tablet and hand held devices utilising Windows and Android operating systems from leading manufacturers such as Panasonic MobileDemand Motorola and Toughshield. As well as Mobile Device Management software from SOTI.

MobileWorxs at Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Nat Conference 2014Time savings of 20% are not uncommon with deployments of this type so come and talk to us about how we can give your mobile staff the tools to spend more of their time on the job.

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