First Rugged Tablets on Windows 10

First Rugged Tablets on Windows 10

First Rugged Tablets on Windows 10


This week Microsoft has been making available its newest operating system Windows 10.  In the rugged tablet sector MobileDemand is introducing the first rugged tablets on Windows 10.


The OS combines the strength of Windows 8 adding in new robust security and productivity features. Including the Microsoft Edge browser, Cortana the digital, voice-activated assistant and apps from the Windows Store.

As one of the first rugged tablet providers to go to market MobileDemand is bringing to life Microsoft’s vision to empower all individuals and organizations to do more. The innovative range of rugged tablet designs provide complete mobile computing systems for enterprises seeking to improve operational productivity.

“Millions of people are already using Windows 10, providing feedback to Microsoft on how to improve the usability and functionality of the OS,” said Matt Miller, President of MobileDemand. “It’s proof how dedicated they are to making it the best operating system they’ve ever released and we believe it 100 percent!”

Top 10 Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 MDM from SOTI

Early reviews from the trade press have been very positive.

First Rugged Tablets on Windows 10Get in touch to learn more about Windows 10 on MobileDemand models Flex 8 Flex 10, T1400, T1600 and T1200

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SOTI MobiControl in Education

SOTI MobiControl in Education

Educators continue to choose MobiControl in Education as it has become the leading mobility management solution for the classroom due to its breadth of platform support and industry-leading feature set. MobiControl offers:

  • Advanced security including location based policy enforcement, remote lock/wipe and password enforcement
  • Remote Control for true 1:1 interaction between teacher and students
  • Web filtering technology for responsible web browsing in the classroom
  • Kiosk Mode for primary learners and special education applications
  • Classroom App Catalog for management of educational applications
  • Support for Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows devices

SOTI MobiControl In Education

SOTI MobiControl v12 is now available now Latest release notes. Get in touch to arrange an evaluation.

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Wordless Wednesday Good Cheap Fast

Wordless Wednesday Good Cheap Fast

Wordless Wednesday Good Cheap Fast

I’m told this picture was taken at a design agency in the South West region of England


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Understand How Li-ion Batteries Fail

Understand How Li-ion Batteries Fail

Li-ion batteries are everywhere powering all sorts of devices from e-cigarettes to smartphones computers and electric cars.

But, do we understand how Li-ion batteries fail ?

Tests have showed that failure in a Li-ion battery cell can cause a potentially catastrophic chain reaction and has been attributed as the cause of a number of plane crashes in recent years.

Millions of Li-ion batteries are manufactured every year and understanding what happens when they fail is key to improving their design. In a study published in Nature Communications, scientists believe they now have better insight into how the failure happens.

Paul Shearing from University College London (UCL) said “This new technique will provide a capability for evaluating different batteries, and how they age, degrade and fail”

Using a combination of high-speed X-ray tomography, radiography and thermal imaging, Shearing and a team were able to describe how overheating causes gas pockets to form inside the battery thus deforming its inner layers.

Overheating can happen due to electrical or mechanical abuse or the presence of an external heat source for example failure of adjacent cell in a larger battery pack, said Shearing.

“Depending on the cell design, there are a range of critical temperatures which, when reached, will trigger further exothermic events, which also generate heat,”

“Once the rate of heat generation exceeds the rate of heat dissipation into the environment, the temperature of the cell starts to rise, thereafter a sequence of detrimental events propagates in a process known as thermal runaway.”

Learn More

Thankfully Li-ion battery problems are very rare. Get in touch to learn more about enterprise mobility….batteries included !


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How to Find Your Windows 8.1 Product Key

How to Find Your Windows 8.1 Product Key

If you need to re-install Windows 8.1 you will soon find that unlike the good old days your Windows 8.1 product key is not likely to be found printed on a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) label on the back of the unit.

How to Find Your Windows 8.1 Product KeySo how do you find this 25 digit gold dust? This is not an exhaustive list of methods, if in doubt consult your systems admin. The key is stored in the Windows registry but in a binary form that is not human readable.

  1. Was it on an Email confirmation when you bought the OS?
  2. Ask the manufacturer of the unit as they will have the product key and product serial number on file. Serial numbers can be anywhere but often on a rating label or in the battery bay on more rugged units.
  3. Ask Microsoft.
  4. Is it printed on documents that were in that box you carefully saved (!) when the device arrived?
  5. Write some VB script. 
  6. Understand the difference between Product ID and Product Key.
  7. Use a 3rd party piece of software. This involves loading a piece of software on the unit to go find the product key. There are many out there. If you would like to try the one we use get in touch.

How to Find Your Windows 8.1 Product KeyIt all might be easier on Windows 10….

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Mobile Computing Intrinsic Safety

Mobile Computing Intrinsic Safety

Mobile Computing Intrinsic Safety


When you see the term “intrinsic safety” or a description of a mobile computer, tablet laptop or smartphone as “intrinsically safe” followed by a string acronyms – do you have any idea what it all means?


Intrinsic Safety What Is It?

Intrinsic safety is a requirement that may be applicable to devices that are being operated in areas with flammable gases combustible dusts ignitable fibers or liquids. The device carrying the description is deemed to have been made in such a way as to be incapable of igniting these.

Why Is it Needed?

Intrinsic safety (IS) is a protection technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by limiting the energy available for ignition. In signal and control circuits that can operate with low currents and voltages, the intrinsic safety approach simplifies circuits and reduces installation cost over other protection methods.

Getting to grips with intrinsic safety regulations can be a tough assignment as the numbers of intrinsically safe rugged mobile devices continues to increase and the regulations are as complex as ever.

Areas with dangerous concentrations of flammable gases or dust are found in a wide variety of  applications including mining and process manufacturing industries such as petrochemical refining.  Plant maintenance process monitoring and asset management are popular applications. As with non IS zones improving workflow productivity and effectiveness are considered fundamental reasons to undertake  project.

Mobile Computing Intrinsic Safety

All devices that are to be used in an areas zoned as hazardous must carry the correct compliance certification for use in that area. Lab based certification allows a device to be used only in the area it is approved for. It is therefore important to understand which areas in your organisation should be treated in this way as it is not a case that “any rating will do”.

In the EU the standard for intrinsic safety certification is around the ATEX directive. In North America Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and in Canada the Canadian Standards Association. In many other countries around the world the IECEx standards are followed. Standards agencies do engage in harmonization activities so that intrinsically safe equipment manufactured in one country might be approved for use in another without expensive re-testing and documentation. But at this point a  device certified for use in Europe may not be approved for use in the USA and vice versa.

Why Is This Important

Productivity improvements are often the key driver to implementing enterprise mobility solutions for organisations who have intrinsically safe areas. Making sure the most suitable devices are specified for use inside and outside these areas is key to operational safety and project success.

Get In Touch Now (16)Get in touch if you have questions or need to discuss the options available in this area?

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Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro

New Call-to-action

Guest Blog by Derek Oja Marketing Manager at MobileDemand

As a small, mid-size or even large business, your tablets and PCs are essential tools that affect everything you do. These Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro describe an opportunity to get a radically improved set of tools and reduce costs and security risks at the same time. Can one simple choice help you increase efficiency and respond better to customers and opportunities? Absolutely, when it gives you new ways of working and fully leverages your existing IT infrastructure.

1.  Get 3x more business done.

Get more work done and serve customers faster from more locations. Everyday computing is more than 3x faster than on a four-year-old system, with responsive performance and true multitasking. New mobile form factors such as thin, rugged tablets let you respond to opportunities from virtually anywhere and instant-on technology wakes the system in less than 7 seconds.

2.  Better security for you and your customers.

New business PCs and tablets with Windows 8 Pro like the xTablet T1600 are built for business and engineered for advanced security—so your critical business data is protected by the very latest security technologies such as Intel® Identity Protection Technology. Combined with Windows 8 Pro and Office security capabilities, they deliver unprecedented embedded protection for your business.

3.  New ways to get business done.

Windows 8 Pro was built to work great on touch systems. You can take full advantage of everything Windows 8 has to offer with a mouse and keyboard or touch. Plus you will experience faster boot times, longer battery life, less memory usage and access to thousands of new apps from the Windows Store. You don’t have to choose between an advanced touch device and a hardworking PC, because you can get both.

Learn MoreUpgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro. Get in touch to find out how to benefit.

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What is Unified Endpoint Management

So What is Unified Endpoint Management

If you could not make it to Facilities Management show in Birmingham today here is the presentation we did with Hannah from SOTI “So What is Unified Endpoint Management”

So What is Unified Endpoint ManagementGet in touch to book a meeting or product evaluation.

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Large Screen Road Warrior Rugged Tablet

New Large Screen Road Warrior Rugged Tablet

Large Screen Road Warrior Rugged Tablet









Road Warrior

xTablet T1600 weighs in at 1.23 kg and is part of a new breed of of large screen road warrior rugged tablet designs that are fashionably thin and light, run Windows 8.1, use capacitive multi touch and offer adequate on-board I/O. But are are much tougher and better suited for harsh business operational environments than the generally fragile thin consumer tablets. At last the blue collar rugged tablet to replace your laptop .. really !

Intel Haswell Processor Power

The Large Screen Road Warrior Rugged Tablet T1600 employs an ultra-low voltage U-Series “Haswell” Intel 4th generation i5 processor. The dual-core i5-4200U runs at a base speed of 1.6GHz, with turbo boost speeds up to 2.6GHz. That appears to be a good match to the 45.8 watt-hour battery for a 7 hour estimated battery life.

11.6 Inch Giant Screen

With a diagonal screen size of 11.6 inches, the xTablet T1600 offers more display real estate than any other we have seen at this price point.  In terms of usable area that’s almost a third more than that of an iPad Air, and 2.7 times as much as a typical 7-inch tablet. For a Windows based tablet that can make all the difference especially when wearing gloves on or when using the classic Windows desktop and software with all its small controls, checkboxes pulldowns and sliders.

The 1366 x 768 pixel resolution is a good match for this size display. The T1600 has 10-point capacitive multi-touch that MobileDemand claim can handle rain drops and use with gloves. Alternatively use the metal mesh tip stylus.

The T1600’s display offers 400 nits brightness which is about twice that of your average laptop, making it very vibrant indoors and likely adequate for outdoor use as well. Since brighter backlights draw more power, the T1600 uses its light sensor to automatically adjust screen brightness, with settings configurable via a special brightness level setup panel. A 800 nit Hi-Brite version is also available.

Connectivity & Scanning

Large Screen Road Warrior Rugged TabletFor wired connectivity, the T1600 offers two native high-speed full-size USB 3.0 ports, a combo in/out audio jack, and a docking connector, with RS232 and USB available via the optional dock. T1600 also has an expansion connector that can accommodate various  modules.

For wireless dual-band 802.11ac WiFi via an Intel Wireless AC7260 module that also provides Class 1 Bluetooth version 4. Optional 4G LTE WWAN.



Large Screen Road Warrior Rugged Tablet includes options such as GPS and either an HF RFID reader or a 1D/2D scanner. There’s a 5mp rear-facing auto-focus camera in addition to the standard 2.0mp front-facing webcam. Along with ambient light, the tablet has a G-sensor as well as a gyroscope and e-compass.

Vehicle and office docks are available. The vehicle dock has a lock option, 75mm and 100mm VESA pattern for mounting, optional keyboard mounting with an AMPS pattern, and provides Ethernet, two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports each, HDMI, RS232 serial, and SMA connectors for external WWAN and GPS antenna. The office dock has the same connectivity minus the SMA connectors.

Rugged Enough

While the xTablet T1600 is around 2 cm thick ruggedness is impressive. The tablet can survive 3-foot drops, sealing is to IP65 although with the standard back-strap it is easy to carry.
Large Screen Road Warrior Rugged TabletFind out how the Large Screen Road Warrior Rugged Tablet T1600 can be the rugged Windows tablet to replace your laptop.

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MobileWorxs at Facilities Management 2015

MobileWorxs at Facilities Management 2015

MobileWorxs at Facilities Management 2015





This year FM15 is co-located with Maintec and The Health and Safety Event at the NEC Birmingham from 24th to 26th March. We will be on stand F12F showcasing our latest Enterprise Mobility solutions and products.

Highlights on our stand this year:


  • Latest intrinsically safe Android tablet devices from ecom.
  • MobileDemand’s new entry level budget Windows 8.1 xTablet Flex 10
  • Panasonic Handheld FZ-X1 in Android and Windows Embedded versions.


  • Launching SOTI’s new MobiControl V12 suite for device management.
  • MobileFrame v6 – our application development platform with native Android and iOS support.
  • Electric Compass cloud based vehicle/trailer tracking.

Got questions about device management and “Android for Work” come along to our ask the expert on Thursday with Hannah Suttenwood of SOTI.

On the same day we will be at the business exchange presenting a talk called “What is Unified Endpoint Management”

“We will aim to unravel the alphabet soup of BYOD MDM EMM and UEM and help you understand the importance of Unified Endpoint Management as an approach for using mobility to refine business processes. UEM can reduce the total cost of ownership that comes from relying on mobility to deliver efficiency across an entire organisation. It is now one that can also be applied to a vast array of endpoints any device – anywhere – anytime”

MobileWorxs at Facilities Management 2014

Looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham..!

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