What…you didn’t get my message?

What…you didn’t get my message?

Mobile Worker Communications is a Critical Issue

Running a mobile field service management operation can be tough especially when you need to exchange information with multiple workers at different locations in real-time.

The last thing a manager wants to say is; What…you didn’t get my message?


We have seen organizations try all sorts of approaches in an attempt to bridge this communication gap including:

  • Equipping mobile workers with 2-way radios.
  • Using Push to Talk on specific handsets.
  • Sending text messages to private phone numbers.
  • Calling workers directly on their own phones.

All of these are useful and have a role but they are not optimized around the principle of automating a business process onto a rugged handheld or other mobile device.

What…you didn’t get my message? Communication as a Distraction

  • Push to talk handsets provide instant feedback but what happens when a mobile worker either does not have the handset near him, its in a vehicle, he can’t hear the message or they are out of coverage?
  • Mobile phones have obvious benefits but interrupting a worker in the middle of their task with a call or text can lead to a decrease in productivity. And what happens when he misses an important call text or voicemail.
  • Most crucial of all with employee supplied devices who owns the phone? What are the health and safety implications. And where is the audit trail of sent and received messages if something goes awry and needs following up?

Improved Enterprise Mobile Instant Messaging

We have solved this problem by vastly improving the existing concept of instant messaging and optimizing it to work in an enterprise mobile enviroment.

Built right into MobileFrame v5.1 the Instant Messaging system allows for both office and mobile workers to collaborate in real-time. Messages are setup for guaranteed delivery including the ability to store and forward. They can also be posted to an application in such a way that the worker has to acknowledge read/receipt before he can carry on with the app process. We also provide a complete audit trail of all messages sent and received.

Enabling your team to communicate more effectively is just one of the many ways that we can help you eliminate the hassles associated with running your mobile workers.

Learn more about our Instant Messaging as part of the mobile application development phase of your enterprise mobility project contact us today.