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lenovo tab k10

Lenovo Tab K10 rugged case for transport and logistics workers

One of our newest rugged solutions, is the Lenovo Tab K10 bundles and cases. Designed with a functional purpose to surpass the Tab K10’s regular operation.  The rugged case and bundle feature a variety of accessories to enable applications for workers in an array of fields.   The features that come standard with the case include …

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Industrial refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration Rugged Mobile Solution

Food manufacturing requires essential processes and tools to safely and securely manage food production. Refrigeration is a fundamental operation to successfully conserve and maintain products. Industrial food storage requires organised and efficient management, this is due to vast amounts of products being stored. Without sufficient management, this can lead to product loss and inaccuracies recording …

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Field service tablet solution

Field Service Tablet solution T1190

Field service is a broad industry and each worker requires different functionality and efficiency in processes and methods to improve overall workflow. It’s important to be aware of the issues and key attributes for best practice in Field service. Establishing the problems enables you to make an educated conclusion about which solution is best. Field …

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Wearable technology in warehousing

Wearable Technology in Warehousing

Wearable Technology in Warehousing Finding technology that’s practical for the most active and energetic jobs can be challenging. You may also feel apprehensive about using your hardware in hazardous conditions because this ultimately results in damage or destruction of your devices. If you’re an employer you are obligated to apply digital solutions to effectively manage …

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Introducing UROVO 7

Introducing UROVO

Our Newest Innovative Range of Rugged Technology MobileWorxs are consistently enhancing methods and solutions in enterprise-grade technology. This ensures we’re providing customers and channel partners with exceptional devices that increases productivity and efficiency for all workers. We’ve now been appointed by UROVO Technology one of the worlds leading industry mobile application solution providers to provide …

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Lenovo Tab K10

Introducing Lenovo Tab K10 Case & Bundle

For businesses introducing digital transformation the new Lenovo Tab K10 with Android 11 creates the ultimate opportunity. The internal software of the K10 tablet, allows businesses to efficiently manage their organisation, using Lenovo Commercial Software Development Kit (CSDK) and Commercial Customization System (CCS) software you can control and update your devices remotely. ioXt certification meets …

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