5 Years Worth of Rugged Tablet PC Abuse in 36 Seconds

5 Years Worth of Rugged Tablet PC Abuse in 36 Seconds

Ok Neat Video But so what….?

Understanding Rugged Tablet PC abuse helps us to relate to what should be a top factor when you undertake an enterprise mobility project – Total Cost of Ownership. The more you can reduce the TCO for equipment such as tablet PCs the better the return you can expect from your mobility investment. The value of quantifying rugged tablet pc abuse helps us to understand durability and longevity. This is especially key when providing for maintenance and help desk support for a system.

One snag is that given the fast evolution of mobile technology it is a very real possibility that the “brain” of the device will become obsolete fall behind the times while the case remains perfectly viable.

Expect and Plan for Change

This kind of obsolescence might be unplanned but you should expect it to happen a some point. There is no doubt your operating environment and business processes – and therefore your mobile computing needs will continue to change. Unfortunately you can’t necessarily predict exactly what that change will look like.

The key to optimizing your Rugged Tablet PC investment is to “future proof” your choice of features giving devices the flexibility and scale to keep working for you as long as possible.

Studies show that getting just six more months from your rugged tablet PC can significantly affect your bottom line. A 54 month lifespan can increase TCO by more than 14% compared to 48 months. Leasing can also help minimize the impact of an investment on an IT budget in any one year. There are also generous tax incentives in some countries.

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