Are You Battling to Manage All Your Mobile Devices ?

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Are You Battling to Manage All Your Mobile Devices ?

Are You Battling to Manage All Your Mobile Devices ? 1

In the earlier days of enterprise mobility, Mobile Device Management software was developed to manage a host of mobile devices across an organisation, both inside and outside the premises, and across regions and borders. MDM manages all your mobile devices across platforms, such as iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows and the Internet of Things, providing enhanced control and visibility.

Today, MDM  has become part of a bigger system, referred to as Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), with a rich array of features and functionalities to manage mobile devices from one single point.

We’re often asked at what point does one need software to manage one’s mobile devices, and in our experience, organisations start to benefit from investing in this software when their portfolio exceeds 30 to 50 mobile devices. The reason for this is that these devices are usually mission-critical; they are pricey so one needs to protect one’s investment; and with more mobile workers using these devices, issues such as privacy and security come into play. Another reason is that these devices need software updates, servicing and repairs, so it can become intensive to manage these functions without a device management system.

The new UEM software is usually hosted on a secure cloud-based platform, which means you don’t need an expensive infrastructure. The UEM solution allow all end points and end users and all the applications, content and data to be managed in real-time from a single point, integrating all your apps, hardware and infrastructure.  Another great benefit is the ease of communicating different content with multiple levels in your organisation,  such as managers, supervisors and users. The software allows you to limit access to certain applications if necessary, as well as categorise your mobile devices according to regions etc. so you can manage easily.

UEM systems also have increase productivity levels ias you can send updates to devices remotely, so users don’t need to come into the office, which works well for field workers in the healthcare, government and field service sectors.  Another benefit is the reduction in downtime, as software or hardware issues can be fixed remotely.

For more information to find out if you will benefit from a Unified Endpoint Management system for your mobile assets get in touch.

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