New Entry-level tablets | Flex 10A and Flex 10B

Flex 10A and Flex 10B
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MobileWorxs introduces the new Flex 10A and Flex 10B. The new generation of entry-level tablets. Enhancing productivity and efficiency in any business. Give your workers the tools to maximise their time and labour. With little expenditure comes significant savings, thanks to the Flex 10A with Android and the Flex 10B.

Both the Flex 10A and Flex 10B are remarkably durable. The units come with a scratch proof screen protector and highly protective silicone case. MobileDemand specialises in creating cases made for physically demanding conditions that a lot of technology wouldn’t be able to withstand. Flex 10A and 10B cases have multiple components which contribute to their durability. All the corners have rugged bumpers and are MIL-STD-810G certified, tested by dropping the tablet 26 times from 5 feet to plywood over concrete.

Do you want to see the video evidence? Click here.

The Rugged Bundle

As well as physical protection the Flex 10A and Flex 10B cases improve worker efficiency making easy usage whilst also undergoing other tasks. This is thanks to components such as the snap mount system. At MobileWorxs we provide an extensive range of quality mounting solutions for any environment. The snap mount on the Flex 10A & 10B makes these solutions super easy to attach.

In addition to this the cases have a built in brief case handle and back hand strap this means the device is less vulnerable against being dropped and it’s also easy to carry. Dropping your tablet can not only be detrimental to it but also a massive inconvenience if you’re occupied with the task in hand. And if you want to be even more careful, you have the option to attach a stronger handle using our new metal corner loops.

After spending a long time building relationships with our customers we became knowledgeable of the kind of the conditions they have to endure. In some industries we recognise workers can be faced with conditions that can damage their device if any part is exposed. This is why we have protected ports- silicone covers over all access points to the unit. An example where the need for this is paramount, could be in conditions where there is fine sand or dust in the air. If this ends up trapped in those ports this could cause multiple issues, such as losing the ability to charge the device.


The Tablet

Going on to the individual tablet, the Flex 10A with Android is an entry-level tablet. Made for light to medium duty applications with Android 9. The unit is also GMS certified with google play. This certification guarantees that all applications will work accurately and flawlessly thanks to Android software updates. The unit is 10.1” with 1280×800 display. The Flex 10A with Android operates broadly from -10 degrees to 45 degrees. This is useful for workers who perform tasks in extreme environments. The unit will not be damaged from any extreme temperatures. It can also be stored from temperatures ranging at -20 degrees to 60 degrees.

MobileDemand also developed a keyboard compatible with the Flex 10A and Flex 10B. Using the snap mount, workers can attach the keyboard for accurate and efficient data entry.

Once more the Flex 10B has the upgraded Intel N4100 CPU, Intel 8265 WIFI, 128GB storage, and ultra-lightweight design making the Flex 10B the ideal tablet for light to medium-duty mobile applications including construction, agriculture, distribution, and retail industries. The Flex 10B also includes Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro operating system with an Intel® Celeron N4100 Quad-Core processor giving you all day productivity. The design has 10.1″ 1280×800 display.

New Entry-Level TabletsNew Entry-Level Tablets

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