Beginner’s Guide To Working From Home

working from home
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Working from home

Many of us from around the United Kingdom and even the world have been affected by the impact of the recent pandemic. Due to Covid-19 a substantial number of people from around the world have had their lives completely changed. The advice myself and many others in UK have been told, is simply “stay at home” This had led to the closure of many shops, businesses and even schools. Similarly MobileWorxs has also chosen to implement special measures, deciding to follow the working from home procedure. This is so we can maintain the health and well being of all our staff.

At MobileWorxs we also acknowledge that this can be difficult if you’ve never experienced working from home before. So we’ve produced a “how to guide”.


First of all you need to make sure you have everything prepared before you start working from home. Assess the situation before hand.

  • Make sure you have a reliable computer at home or are able to borrow a laptop from either your office, friend or family member.
  • Is your internet connection secure and stable? The last thing you want is to sit down at your desk and realise you can’t load your web browser.
  • Do you have access to everything you need from your office? There may be restrictions on which content you’re able to view. It’s worth talking to your manager about this beforehand.


When you wake up

The next step is getting started. The best thing to do is get started early, you need to try your best to replicate a normal working day in the office as much as possible. It’s understandably difficult. Your journey to work every day helps you to mentally prepare for the day ahead, waking you up. So you need to do everything you can to replicate your routine.

Start by waking up and getting dressed into comfortable clothing. Don’t stay in your pyjamas (however tempting).

Maintain your usual routine, if this means eating breakfast before you leave for work, then make sure you repeat this before you get started.


Find your work space

Find a space in the house where you can work comfortably without any distractions. Perhaps the kitchen or dining room, where there’s a surface you’re able to work at. Even better if you have an office space in your home

Don’t set up your work space in your bedroom. Even if this comfortable private space seems the most appealing. One’s brain learns to associate the bed with relaxing and unwinding, rather than stimulating activities. People who regularly work in their bed, may end up looking at a screen before they go to bed and this inhibits the production of melatonin, an important sleep hormone that tells your body it’s time to rest. Providing yourself with the best night sleep means keeping all devices away from the bedroom.

Apart from this, working at a desk or table with a comfortable up right chair is crucial. In 2017 there was a worldwide survey of 20,000 managers and business owners around the world. And 25% of people said they didn’t have a proper work surface. 23% of people from the survey reported having bad posture. We don’t know how long we’ll have to be working from home for… so it’s detrimental that you’re sat up right whilst working. Unless you want to be paying a visit to the Chiropractor.

It’s additionally important that you have a place to work that expels any distraction. The 2017 survey also found 48% of respondents said their children or family were the number one factor when it came to being distracted. Maybe it’s a good idea to make sure everyone around you is aware that you’ll be working and you’d appreciate they respect this.

Starting your work

Once you’ve put everything in place you’re now sat down with your cup of tea or coffee. Everything is assembled in front of you, computer, note pad, pens etc. It’s time to begin working.

Some people find it really easy to get on with their work and have incomparable concentration, others find it very difficult.

You have to try your hardest to be strict with yourself. Try making a to-do list. I personally find this method works brilliantly using the to-do application on office 365. I’m able to see what need to be done, set myself targets for when each task needs to be done for. And it also stop’s me from forgetting anything too! The whole team at MobileWorxs use office 365. We’re able to share our lists and talk via teams. It’s the perfect tool for working from home.

A very important factor is staying off social media. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of checking the one notification from your friend, because you’ll end up spending 10-20 minutes immersed in to Facebook or Instagram. Try putting your phone in another room or maybe just turned over a distance away from you.

Think about setting yourself a schedule. Don’t refrain from taking a break because it’s a principle factor to keeping yourself concentrating. Get up go for a stroll with the dog or maybe just get yourself a bite to eat. This method will actually help you stay focused for longer.


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