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warehousing and logistics
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Warehousing and Logistics

The challenge

Demand for warehouse space in the UK has almost doubled in the past decade. To help you understand the significance of this, from 2007 to 2018 235 million sq. ft. has been leased or purchased. The equivalent of this is 3,000 Wembley stadiums. Ecommerce is responsible for this ongoing incline for need of warehouse space. Ecommerce has changed the buying procedure forever and input of warehousing is a crucial factor.

Ecommerce implemented a whole array of challenges for warehousing and logistics. Many retailers now only sell online because shopping in store is an outdated method, this in turn means all their stock is stored in warehouses. Retailers such as Amazon are an eminently successful example. Retailers like this lead the way for everyone else. Providing beyond expectation with things such as Sunday service and same day delivery.

But how can you make it possible to provide this level of service? For retailers to survive the pressure made by ecommerce there needs to be an investment in automation. People have high expectations when it comes to shopping. Warehousing and logistics are the support system for this. It’s the role of the retailer to make the online shopping experience as effortless as possible for the consumer, and due to the extreme levels of competition online. Retailers want to provide the most outstanding service with no comparison. 72.9% of online shoppers agreeing that they wouldn’t buy from a retailer if they had to pay for returns. So it’s evident that the consumer has increasingly high expectations and demands.

At MobileWorxs our experts believe technology is the way forward to contend with the pressures caused by ecommerce. We wanted to provide devices tailored to the specific needs of warehousing and logistics. The new range of Unitech mobile computer solutions are specifically designed to combat the issues in W & L. facing a return of increased productivity and efficiency.

The Solution

Starting with the PA760, this enterprise level Omni-channel PDA works as a multi-purpose solution. Ideal for a variety of applications including inventory control in warehouse, Inbound and outbound management in the retail industry, Parking management, field service and flight ticket checking. The PA760 has an expansive range of functions and capabilities. It’s the first 5.45” Android 9.0 rugged mobile computer with a split screen function. The unit includes the latest OS of Android 9 with Google certification. Android OS known to be at the core of warehousing, due to its faster processing, having more storage and memory. The PA760 also has a very practical design, and high durability. IP67 against water and dust, 1.8m drop resistant housing with bumper and 1.5m drop resistant housing without bumper. The exterior design also features a 5.45” Gorilla glass 3 touch screen with 7H hardness to keep it scratch free. The multi scan function means it’s available to read more than 10 barcodes at a time, greatly enhancing the process of scanning. Do you want to find out more about the PA760?


Another addition to the range is the EA500P (Plus). The Android 8.1 is a rugged 5” mobile enterprise computer. It has a combination of strong features with a powerful data collection. Providing convenient connectivity, reading capabilities and enhances the service level for a variety of vertical applications. One of the most flexible mobile computers with a weight of only 210g. The device is also equipped with a 13MP rear camera with autofocus, LED flash and 2MP front camera. The EA500P (Plus) is ideal for capturing digital evidence for proof of delivery. The unit also has 1.5m drop specification, designed to survive in harmful environments.  This device is perfect for usage in warehousing and logistics thanks to its wide variety of features.

Additionally there is the EA510. The EA510 consists of a sleek smartphone design with the inclusion of great enterprise features. The handheld has a large 5.7” screen, physically both thin and light. This makes for easy productivity. The content of the unit is extremely power efficient with full-shift usage, ideal if you are looking for a unit that can be used for a long period. The EA510 has a highly efficient processor this means you don’t have to worry about your device lagging in the middle of a task. The summary for this device that is has all round capabilities, being responsive, ergonomic and multitasking. Enhancing productivity in all kinds of applications.

Unitech’s new range has a full variety of mobile computers. The Unitech technology is cutting-edge bringing warehousing and logistics to an entirely new level of productivity, an investment in the future.



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