COVID-19 How to Unlock Cash Flow During The Crisis

COVID-19 How to Unlock Cash Flow During The Crisis
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At the time of writing we are all used to the lockdown across many European and African Countries. Unfortunately the latest government comment here in the UK seems to think it may last some months so everything suggests that this is only the beginning of the crisis. In the short term many businesses can expect to be still closed into May.

This will continue to put a lot of pressure on the liquidity of many companies.

Whilst we are in the current crisis many of our clients are thinking hard about how to complete current enterprise mobility projects whilst at the same time figuring out how to unlock cash flow.  Many get caught between a rock and a hard place – complete a value added project that will improve task workflow and efficiency or stop until the crisis clears. Leasing remains a solid option especially for SME’s.

Jason Turner at our partner Reality Finance says: “Preserving capital has never been more important than it is now so we’ve been working at great lengths to provide alternative payment solutions that are unlocking customers cash flow so they can get the equipment and services they need.”

COVID-19 How to Unlock Cash Flow – Finance Options

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It is thought that the Covid-19 crisis will change the way businesses and markets work. In a low touch economy we will need to get used to much reduced travel and fundamental shifts in consumer behaviour. How long things take to return to normal is anyone’s guess and the impact will be relative across. However we can be confident that companies adopting technology that saves time, reduces errors and allows the for smart deployment of labour will be in a better position to pick up business during a back to normal upswing in demand.

If you need assistance selecting the correct product or to discuss COVID-19 How to Unlock Cash Flow finance options please get in touch.

COVID-19 How to Unlock Cash Flow


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