New Large Format Rugged Tablet

New Large Format Rugged Tablet

Goodbye old friend ! our best selling T1600 has had a hardware boost and has turned it into a new large format rugged tablet. The T1680.

For the first time we are offering the latest  8th-generation Intel Intel Core i5-8250U processors with double cache resulting in a huge increase in performance. giving users more computing power regardless of whatever environment their work takes them to.

T1680 is built on a 11.6″ (29.4 cm) Full HD display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and a nit rating of 500, standard 8GB of DDR4-2,400GHz memory, which can be expanded to up to 16GB. Standard storage is a 256GB SSD drive 512GB SSDs are also available

We’ve also doubled both the RAM and solid-state drive storage, while providing the newest generation of WWAN & WLAN/BT.  The 8M camera (standard) on the back will produce higher resolution images than ever before.

It’s still light easy to carry and mountable using a variety of our docking systems.  The T1680 is perfect for many industries and applications including field service, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and blue light applications.

Built Tough

T1680 is built tough to meet the most exacting of requirements.  Including IP65 ratings and MIL-STD-810G certifications for resistance to drops, shocks, vibration and dust.

Power to Go

Shipping as standard with a 45Wh 4130 mAh hot swap battery good for around 7 hours or the optional XL 86Wh 7,800 mAh XL battery for even longer shifts!

Enterprise Grade Computing

A new large format rugged tablet such as T1680 are not acquired for life in the boardroom so it is packed with features that will create an excellent ROI in any business. 2MP front and 5MP rear cameras two USB 3.0 ports, audio jack, an SDXC card slot, a 41-pin docking connector Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 9260  Support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 5. Optional desk and vehicle docks integral barcode scanner RFID and Sierra 4G modules.

Leasing & Support

Acquire your T1680 via a flexible 36 Month lease that can include many aspects of your project such as device management. 3 Year return to depot warranty, optional accidental damage cover. Lifetime access to the MobileWorxs helpdesk.

New Large Format Rugged Tablet New Large Format Rugged Tablet

So goodbye to T1600 hello to T1680 get in touch to arrange a demo or learn more about our new large format rugged tablet.

How to Pick an Android Phone for The Gig Economy

How to Pick an Android Phone for The Gig Economy


With text overlay How to Pick an Android Phone for The Gig Economy

If you are considering doing full or part time driving or delivery work you will get around to considering how to pick an Android phone for the gig economy

What Do You Need?

When you join Amazon Flex and many other Gig economy driver or delivery schemes such as Deliveroo and Uber you will need a vehicle and an Android or an iOS phone to a minimum spec and memory. Your device is likely to need to have a camera with a flash and GPS Location Services.

Most opt to go with Android over iOS devices based on affordability, a variety of rugged phone options and better device management connectivity.

7 Reasons to Use a Separate Smartphone

Yes you can use your private phone. But is it Rugged enough?  The phone will likely get a lot of wear and tear especially if you end up being very busy day after day. Inevitably you will drop the power jack may well become worn and the weather could take its toll.

This is a really important tool for your Gig life your success may well revolve around this.

  1. Longer Battery Life. Typically purpose built devices have higher capacity batteries than a standard smartphone.
  2. Pick something more Rugged and sealed. Purpose built devices are typically tested to multiple 4 foot drops.
  3. Longer life cycle. Enterprise grade devices tend to remain the same for longer therefore making repairs less costly.
  4. Lower cost extended maintenance plans.
  5. Out of the box value added features such as device management.
  6. High performance durable construction and components.
  7. Longer life vehicle mount options. Better quality components so they last longer.

Driving Heath and Safety

If you are using your Phone for calls or navigation whilst driving take some time to gen up on some tips here and here.

Barcode Scanning

If your Gig requires higher than average rates of barcode scanning make sure you pick a device with a dedicated scanner. You will be pleased you did. If you are just scanning a few codes per day, use a scan through the camera app, we can help you pick one.

Tax For Gig Economy Workers

In the UK the Vast majority of Gig economy drivers are self-employed. As such you are responsible for paying your own taxes and National Insurance contributions. This means completing a self-assessment tax return each year. Good news is that you do not pay taxes on all your income only your profits. This means you can deduct your business expenses from your total earnings. Learn More

Our Unitech Rugged Android Handheld Bundle

Our Unitech EA502 is a  fully featured enterprise grade handheld that has a huge array of accessories and value added features. A typical user will have this device in service for around 5-6 years. This is the sort of device that major delivery and field service organisations are using for long term sustainability.

At our shop you can pick up a device vehicle cradle and mount use the coupon GIG19 to get 10% off. Delivery is free in the UK and flat rate into other countries in EMEA.

How to pick an Android phone for the gig economy get in touch by phone or use web chat to talk to our team about equipment specification your mobility deployment project leasing and device management.

 Picking an Android Phone for The Gig Economy How to pick an Android Phone for The Gig Economy


MobileWorxs Adds Unitech Mobile Devices To Its Range

MobileWorxs adds Unitech Mobile Devices to its Range

MobileWorxs Adds Unitech Mobile Devices To Its Range


When an enterprise has numerous mission-critical handheld devices deployed across their operation and a technology refresh is needed, a change-over strategy is key to the successful roll-out of new devices to minimise disruptions in the supply chain.

Before this can be done, a deployment plan needs to be in place, which should also include the necessary training to ensure that all mobile workers are familiar with the new technology and competent to hit the road running at the ‘go live’ date. In addition, it’s also important to thoroughly test related software apps and iron out any glitches.

What is imminent in the mobile enterprise industry is the pending end-of-life deadline for Windows Mobile OS in December 2019.  According to MobileWorxs’ MD, Andrew Cahill, many of their customers are considering replacing their aging Microsoft PDA-based devices and migrating to Android across their supply chains.

To meet this increasing demand and provide more market choice, MobileWorxs has added the Unitech range of rugged Android handhelds to their product portfolio, along with the necessary sales and help desk support capabilities. “The Unitech range will be a popular and viable replacement option, as it combines a wide variety of technical options, affordability, quality and reliability in a brand that has established its credibility over 30 years across 25 countries,” he adds.

Paul Johnston, Sales Manager Unitech UK and Ireland says; “We look forward to supplying our range of enterprise mobile computers, rugged handheld PDAs, industrial tablets, RFID readers, barcode scanners, and other mobile devices to MobileWorxs’ customers, whether they are migrating to the Android platform, or looking to install affordable and reliable new technology.”

Key Unitech Mobile Devices

MobileWorxs will initially focus on four scan enabled products, with more devices introduced over time. The Unitech EA500 / EA502 rugged Android Smartphone is a rugged 5” mobile enterprise level computer combining strong features with powerful data collection for a variety of vertical applications within the retail, transport, logistics, and field service sectors.

The Unitech PA730 is an Android rugged handheld computer, built on the fastest growing and most popular mobile platform. This lightweight and pocketable device is versatile enough for a variety of applications in retail, event ticketing, asset tracking, and inventory management.

Next up is the Unitech TB85, an 8″ Android 8.0 device, which can connect to multiple modules, such as a scanner, making it versatile for multiple tasks across many industry sectors. The Unitech PA726 handheld computer is designed to optimise any business and features Android 7.1.2 for the most up-to-date Android experience for many enterprise applications.

Cahill says that they have also included a Unitech EA602 entry level mobile computer with RFID for for quick and accurate vertical applications in warehouse and distribution centre within the retail, transport, logistics, and field service sectors.

RAM Mounts – 3 steps to an ideal vehicle mount solution …

Get in touch to arrange a show and tell of any of the Unitech Mobile Devices.

Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro and Go Bundles

Introducing Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro and Go Bundles

Introducing Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro and Go Bundles

Searching for a tablet for use in your organisation can be a huge task. Then you find it – a Microsoft Surface, a device with great pedigree and it is a great solution in many scenarios. Now you need to protect that investment so the tablet can go wherever your work takes you.

And that’s where we come in. We have not only one of the most rugged Surface cases on the market and a glass screen protector, but  we can now offer the ability to purchase the Surface Pro, a rugged case, chemically strengthened screen protector and asset tag all bundled and ready for action.

Buying a Surface Pro bundle has certain benefits over putting a rugged case on your tablet and applying your own screen protector, it can be a stressful and difficult process. Something you can now avoid.

Surface Case Considerations

Purchase a rugged case for your Microsoft Surface then applying the case can be a challenge. Not only is it time consuming but rugged cases are designed to fit tightly to maximize protection. Cases often consist of more than one piece and need to be put together in a specific way to fully protect the tablet. Our xCase includes a rubber boot and ridged outer shell which provide more shock absorption in case you drop or bump you tablet. Because of the tight fit it needs to be applied correctly.

To increase the ruggedness of your tablet you should also consider a screen protector. however they can be notoriously difficult to apply so they are straight too much to the left or right and it won’t sit properly on the tablet. If you try to adjust it you risk cracking the screen protector resulting in a scrap rate for screen protectors can exceed 15% when improperly applied. This doesn’t even take into consideration dealing with dust or those annoying bubbles that can form if the screen protector isn’t applied correctly. Not only are dust and air bubbles frustrating, they can cause issues with touch screen sensitivity, increasing your frustration and decreasing your productivity.

Designed for Surface and Authorized Reseller

Plus we have a huge list of accessories such as carry straps, mounting kits, barcode and imaging solutions, device management software, extended maintenance packages and leasing options. All of these add ons can be bundled and sent straight into your project deployment.

Eliminate the Headache

So by ordering a Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro or Go Bundle you avoid all of these issues.  Put together by our Tablet Experts, your bundle is shipped straight to you, ready-to-deploy, right out of the box. No assembly, no headache, no hassle. Just open the box and go saving you time and effort to get rugged and go mobile.


Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro and Go BundlesIntroducing Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro and Go Bundles

Contact us at 44 1905 799555 or at we can help you configure a Surface Pro Surface Pro 6 or Surface Go with all the accessories to meet your needs. Bundled and Ready for Action !

Online Shop Now Open

MobileWorxs Online Shop Now Open

Online Shop Now Open

We are excited to announce that our online shop is now open! Head on over to the shop to check out all our new products. Free Shipping for customers in the UK, fixed rate shipping into Europe.

Online Shop Now Open

Check back often to see updates offers and new categories.


MobileDemand T8650 Gets Performance Boost

MobileDemand T8650 Gets Performance Boost

MobileDemand T8650 Gets Performance Boost

T8650 is the ultimate among enterprise grade feature rich rugged 8″ Windows 10 tablets. This is one tablet that delivers a superb ROI and has a whole range of accessories as well as a standard 3 year warranty. Options include 4G a fingerprint scanner, choice of 2 high capacity hot swap batteries and high performance 2D barcode imager (with optional pistol grip handle)  make this a great tablet for use in the warehouse on the shop floor or in the field.

MobileDemand T8650 just keeps getting better with 2 new performance upgrades that are now shipping.

  1. Brighter 8″ Display now rated at 470 nits. The panel is 10-point project capacitive touch providing great performance against moderate rain conditions. Resolution 1280 (W) x 800 (H). T8650 comes supplied with a screen protector.
  2. Drive upgraded from 64GB to 128Gb eMMC. Further storage available through SD card.

RAM Mounts – 3 steps to an ideal vehicle mount solution …

Get in touch to arrange a show and tell of the T8650 in the meantime review T8650 specifications.

Snap Mount Simple and Versatile Tablet Mounting

Snap Mount

Snap Mount Simple and Versatile Tablet Mounting

The Snap Mount is a lightweight simple and versatile tablet mounting solution.  The mount is sturdy and durable and takes only minutes to install. It features a quick-release mechanism and utilizes the plate found on MobileDemand’s rugged case for iPad and Surface as well as Tablet models Flex 10A T1540 T8650 T1150 a1150 and T1270. It can be used on just about any vertical or horizontal surface.

Snap Mount Simple and Versatile Tablet Mounting

Standard Snap Mount includes:

  • Rail and quick release trigger.
  • Support plate with C-size RAM ball.
  • Stabilizing zip ties and anchors.

xTablet T1270 Rugged Tablet Review

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you integrate this option into your wall, Fork-lift or vehicle installation.

Introducing Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Go

Introducing Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Go

Introducing Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Go

Our  xCase for the Surface Go is built with mobility and ruggedness in mind. The Surface Go Rugged Case provides superior durability and protection, keeping your tablet safe out in the field or in the classroom. Shock absorbing material and a standard Snap mount protect the Surface Go throughout the day’s spills, bumps, and drops.

The Go Case is currently not compatible with type cover, the aim is to remedy this is April.  Please call us for future compatibility options.

Engineered for enterprise productivity, the Rugged xCase is made to fit the Surface Go, provides unparalleled ROI durability and protection. Shock absorbing rubber corner bumpers along with a structurally rigid shell protect the Surface tablet throughout your daily operations. MIL-STD-810G tested for 6-foot drop means this case can handle even the toughest drops.  The optional durable, full-range easel (kickstand) allows for the Microsoft tablet to be viewed at nearly any angle. The Surface Go laptop/tablet is transformed to an easy-to-carry device with the back hand strap and briefcase handle attachments which are included.

Introducing Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Go

March 2019 Update:

We also offer a ready to deploy bundle including the Surface Go, our protective rugged case, a screen protector and asset tag all assembled for you by our boffins at MobileWorxs.

xTablet T1270 Rugged Tablet Review

xTablet T1270 Rugged Tablet Review

Rugged PC Review took a look at our full size T1600 tablet in the past so decided to put the new xTablet T1270 rugged tablet review through its paces.

T1270 is now available and finding new users. Users like the traditional MobileDemand ruggedness and ease of use features, Core i5-7200U, giant 12.2″ bright screen, Windows 10 Pro, plenty of memory and drive choices as well as options like desk dock, vehicle cradles, barcode scanning 3D camera and 4G. T1270 ships with lifetime helpdesk a 3 year return to UK base warranty or 3 year xProtect accidental damage cover. All in all we believe T1270 will be a hit in the field service surveying, public sector and utilities markets.

xTablet T1270 Rugged Tablet Review Excerpt:

MobileDemand’s new xTablet T1270, the company’s biggest and most powerful tablet PC to-date, and one that may well contribute to redefine tablet PC customer expectations.

We’re not sure how the xTablet T1270 came about. Maybe those enterprising minds at MobileDemand got together and figured that light and handy tablets with 8 and 10 inch screens worked great for many tasks in the field and in factories where dedicated, touch-optimized software is used to collect data within Microsoft IT infrastructures. But that for other work — logistics, planning, positioning, financial, or advanced project work come to mind — a tablet with a larger screen is better, as is the performance users generally expect from a desktop or big laptop.

Not many tablets can meet that challenge. In fact, while the average desktop monitor measures over 22 inches diagonally, and the average laptop screen about 16 inches, most tablets are quite small, with just a few over 12 inches. And for thermal management reasons, most of the small Windows tablets are limited to lower-end Intel processors.

So what did MobileDemand come up with? In essence, a tablet that provides a larger screen and more performance for power users. The xTablet T1270’s screen measures 12.2 inches diagonally. That’s the biggest screen they have ever offered.

xTablet T1270 Rugged Tablet Review

To learn more about the xTablet T1270 Rugged Tablet Review click here take a look at the specs or get in touch with us to arrange a webinar or meeting about T1270.

Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inch

Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inch

Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inch

This rugged case for iPad 9.7 inch is proven rugged, easy to carry and offers extended functionality for business and education users. The add-on capability of the case allows for users in retail environments to add PCI-compliant point-of-sale payment terminals and PIN pads to take payments in a mobile setting. In many settings the the built in Snap Mount allows for easy and inexpensive installation in a variety factory office Fork Lift and vehicle scenarios.

Read the review.


The xCase for iPad increases drop resistance very substantially. It not only passes the stringent MIL-STD 810G, 516.6 IV military test, it far surpasses its requirements.

As is, the test requires 26 drops from 4 feet onto plywood over concrete, one each on each of the six surfaces, one each on the twelve edges, and each on the eight corners of a device. A device must still be operational at the end of 26 drops to pass. Drops are with power off, but after each drop power must be turned on to see if the device still works. And the test actually allows using five test devices. If one survives, it’s a pass.

That made no sense to MobileDemand, as out there in the field you won’t have four spares, just in case.

So they used just one single iPad in a case for their tests. And they left it on, because it’s quite possible that it’s on while it’s dropped. That single iPad passed the 26 drops of the 4-foot military test.

But sometimes they get a little nuts over there at MobileDemand. So they dropped it 26 more times from 5 feet. Still worked. 6 feet, 26 more drops. Still worked. 7 feet. Passed. Worked. 8 feet (!!). Passed. Still worked. That is more than impressive.

Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inch

Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inchGet in touch to chat about all the accessories for Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inch