What is Unified Endpoint Management

So What is Unified Endpoint Management

If you could not make it to Facilities Management show in Birmingham today here is the presentation we did with Hannah from SOTI “So What is Unified Endpoint Management”

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Blue Collar BYOD in Enterprise Mobility Fact or Fiction?

Blue Collar BYOD in Enterprise Mobility Fact or Fiction?

Blue Collar BYOD in Enterprise Mobility Fact or Fiction?

Gartner surveyed a bunch of CIOs last year and found that half are aiming to get to a Bring Your Own Device only model by 2017. Not surprisingly their employees were less than convinced of the benefits highlighting many issues like reimbursement and security.

BYOD coverage almost always focuses on the adoption of technology by white collar staff. As the Gartner study pointed out the employee travels to work under their own steam in his own clothes and brings his own pen so why not a computer. Just make sure all the security angles are covered come up with a HR policy. Bingo! instant saving and less money tied up with pesky technology. This is an attractive proposal for some organisations but whether it will actually save them any money long term is debatable.

What If….

lf the fuss over zero hours contracts is anything to go by it is certain that the nature of work is changing. What we thought was the norm sometime ago has been displaced by an atmosphere of anything being possible.

So what is stopping an organisation requiring hourly paid blue collar employees to bring their own mobile device to work to carry out that inventory POD or field service task?

As the white collar fraternity iron out the security app access and HR issues this will be the next step. Especially as the trend to having fewer permanent staff takes hold for people in mobile worker roles.

Crazy I hear you think well maybe, but not so long ago not many would have predicted large education software finance and airline users rolling out thousands of consumer grade tablet computers.

The attraction of shifting all that expense to the blue collar employee is likely to be irresistible for some companies. To make it work they would partner with a device supplier maybe on an exclusive basis. They would be able to provision sell rent manage and support an appropriate unit on iOS Android or Windows platforms to an employee from day one.

Changing Attitudes Starts at the Coffee Shop

How will employers get staff used to this concept?  In this dystopian future a University student works in a pub or coffee shop. Embracing the very best of the zero hours culture the chain posts hours available to work on an app. Potential staff can compete with each other to flag their availability or even outbid each other for the work on a shift or hourly basis. The only way they can be involved is having their own smartphone in the first place and be registered or pre-approved to bid. There are already examples of this Elance marketplace developing for the skilled freelance community. Watch out for it becoming more mobile and more the norm in the semi and unskilled sector.

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Is Big Brother Watching ?

Is Big Brother Watching ?

Is Big Brother WatchingGuest Post by Timothy C B Cox with some great advice on an issue that trips up many first time enterprise mobile deployments. Is Big Brother Watching ?





If you have decided to get into enterprise mobility and deploy a system into your company you might be surprised to realise that during a project most companies complelty ignore their users! And users can make or break a solution that you are trying implement to fix a business process problem. Including them in the process can eliminate many issues in the future and is an often neglected area of consideration.

Role of Power Users

Users can be naturally resistant to a mobility system as it often sparks rumors about the motivations of the boss having the ability to track their activities and whereabouts.  Privacy as an issue is being fueled by the prospect of an expansion of systems based on BYOD – Bring Your Own Device.

A smart move is to make sure you include some of your power users in the decision process you are going through. They know all about the in field processes often in a more intimate way that the project team that has been put together to come up with a mobility system.

When you have a unionised workforce its even more important to correctly communicate  what an enterprise mobility project will mean to members.

A Great Reason for Employees Not to Fret About Tracking

‘tracking protects users from all false accusations from customers and their employer. It protects the company from those wanting to defraud the the company of either their time or goods’


A Reality About Social Media

‘are you using a social mobile app on your smart phone? You are being tracked and data about your location (and more) is being uploaded into a cloud somewhere and used by 3rd parties for profit.’

In social media the information being collected from consumers is astounding. The user gives up this information when they download an app and agree to the EULA (End User License Agreement). How many times have we all just tapped the ‘Accept’ button without reading the details.

Tracking company employees can protect both the employee & employer. The only people who need to worry are those who have reasons not to be audited. A company wants to go mobile to win more business drive growth and reduce costs. Employees should see benefits also: better earnings potential elimination of paperwork and the delivery of better customer experience leading to improved feedback.

If any company wants to prosper in these globally hard times they must protect themselves and their honest & hardworking employees. Mobile or not!!

So What do You do With The Data ?

Does it just lie in a database somewhere consuming resources. Are you ignoring a wealth of information being collected? If you are then its a wasted opportunity of improving your organisation and provide additional ROI for a mobility system.

Does HR know they can use this information for your mobile workforce annual review? There are KPIs that can be measured to reward employees that over perform. Of course ensure you include this as a provision in your HR policy. It is import to delete user identifiable data when an employee leaves the company.

So is big brother watching ? Just as call centres are measured on a number variables such as time it takes to pickup a call, problem resolution on the first call to avoid repeat calls from the same customer etc It makes perfect sense to extend these sort of KPI’s to the performance of your mobile workforce.

Is Big Brother WatchingTimothy C B Cox Mobile Workforce Strategy Consultant based in Dubai. Get in touch with Tim through Linkedin

Is Big Brother Watching

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Mobile Application Development Platform 8 New Features

Mobile Application Development Platform 8 New Features

Mobile Application Development Platform 8 New Features
All your Enterprise App Ingredients in One Place

MobileFrame have released a new version of their mobile application development platform with 8 new features.

The product continues to set the bar for excellence and continues to help future proof enterprise mobile deployments and ensure existing investments in application deployment are protected against obsolescence.

Customers continue to ask us for a mobile application development platform that can deploy apps across the entire enterprise on any device. v5.2 offers a compelling return on investment ROI  proposition allowing us or our customers to create apps that increase productivity whilst being compliant with the processes of their business. It also allows for apps to be designed and deployed quickly along with excellent integration with legacy ERP and CRM systems and provides the basis for an in house BYOD approach.

Mobile Application Development Platform 8 New Features

  1. You can now View/Freshen Projects from the App Library. You can still View/Freshen from the My Project screen as well.
  2. The Create PDF workflow now has an option to leave the PDF document open in order to print additional content to the same document.
  3. Change Photo workflow now provides an option as to how you’d like the image resized. You can now choose to zoom the image or stretch the image when resizing.
  4. The Unused Steps list now includes a search bar that allows you to filter down the list of unused steps based on the step name, prompt, or input type. This should make it easier to find a particular step.
  5. For web layouts you can now specify a minimum size for resizable forms. The resizing of the layout will not go smaller than this amount if set. This will allow your screen layouts to look acceptable regardless of the browser size.
  6. Dynamic data definitions will automatically create a description tailored to the configuration.
  7. Simulator files for the Test Site have been updated to a more modern look. A new simulation file for Generic Desktop Browser has been added.
  8. Zoom has been introduced into the Test Site so it will make it easier to test on devices where the simulation file produces a large screen.

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Mobile Application Development Platform


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