RAM Mounts 3 Steps to an Ideal Vehicle Mount Solution

RAM Mounts – 3 steps to an ideal vehicle mount solution …

RAM Mounts have stepped up the game of mobile devices by making it possible to safely secure almost any device to anywhere. When they say almost anywhere, they mean it. The team at MobileWorxs now provide a near-endless range of RAM Mounting solutions to help you store and use your device on a forklift or in a car van or truck…. the list goes on and on!


SOTI MobiControl Speed Control

SOTI MobiControl Speed Control

SOTI MobiControl Speed Control helps your enterprise by ensuring drivers are not using their devices while the vehicle is in motion. It can help minimise distracted driving and uphold your driver safety compliance guidance.

Brake, the Road safety charity says that “A study of in-vehicle video footage estimated that 22% of crashes could be caused, at least in part, by driver distraction. It also showed that drivers who perform a secondary task at the wheel are two to three times more likely to crash. Other studies have found that more complex secondary tasks, like talking on a mobile phone or texting, increase crash risk even more” Read More

In addition to speed control SOTI MobiControl has 5 key attributes:

  1. A self-service portal for users to manage their devices
  2. Enterprise application store
  3. Expense management
  4. Lockdown/kiosk mode support
  5. Geofencing

SOTI MobiControl Speed Control

SOTI MobiControl v12 will be available early in 2015. Latest release notes. Get in touch to arrange an evaluation.


5 Steps To Safe In Vehicle Mobile Computing

5 Steps To Safe In Vehicle Mobile Computing

In vehicle mobile computing is a key element of many deployments we get involved with. This interesting article has an number of tips to ensure your mobile environment is safe.

5 Steps To Safe In Vehicle Mobile Computing

One of the key points is to ensure that the device is mounted in such a way that it is effective but not distracting for the user. Consider how often the user will be docking and un-docking the device from the cradle what apps are loaded and how they can be locked down during a journey. Read the whole article in Electricity Today

Learn More (22)We can help you get this important element right to ensure that your installation fits your mobile business processes.

Know Your AMPS From Your VESA Hole Patterns

Know Your AMPS From Your VESA Hole Patterns

If your enterprise mobility deployment involves the use of devices in vehicles it is a great idea to provide the user with a properly installed vehicle cradle.

We have a whole range of mounting solutions for traditional rugged tablets, Microsoft Surface, handhelds and printers. For implementation in a variety of situations. Some enterprise mobility device manufacturers such as MobileDemand do a good job of designing their own cradles including innovations like the Snap Mount.

Physically installing the cradle and making sure it is safe electrically and in use is the subject of a further post. Before you get that far you will need to consider how to attach the cradle to the vehicle itself.  This is where it becomes useful to know your VESA from your AMPS hole patterns

VESA What is it?

The good news is that the VESA standard is used almost exclusively for mounting flat screen televisions and PC monitors. Typically hole patterns for flat panel displays can be any of the following.

  • 75 mm x 75 mm
  • 100 mm x 100 mm
  • 200 mm x 200 mm
  • 400 mm x 400 mm

The bigger the screen the beefier the bracket needed.


AMPS What is it?

Know Your AMPS From Your VESA Hole PatternsThe AMPS hole pattern is also an industry standard configuration. It consists of four holes located in a rectangular pattern spaced at 30.17 mm by 46.05 mm. It is common for the AMPS pattern to consist of multiple holes to allow vertical or horizontal implementation. For hand held and tablet sized devices the vast majority of cradles and brackets such as the RAM Mount System will use the AMPS hole pattern.


This video from GPSCity.ca describes the AMPS hole pattern perfectly.


Know Your AMPS From Your VESA Hole PatternsKnow Your AMPS From Your VESA Hole Patterns

AMPS VESA some more of the alphabet soup we can help you with as you complete your enterprise mobility project. Get in touch if you need further help.