National Pothole Day

National pothole day

MobileWorxs supports National Pothole Day with its Mobile 3D imaging solution


In support of National Pothole day on Wednesday, 15th January this year, MobileWorxs lent its support by highlighting its 3D imaging solution that takes the hassle out of identifying and measuring potholes on highways.

National Pothole day is an initiative started by Mark Morrell, known as Mr Pothole, who has worked tirelessly for many years to raise awareness and funds in the industry and with government about the state of the UK’s national highways.

MobileWorxs’ Managing Director, Andrew Cahill commented, “We aimed to leverage National Pothole day to raise awareness of the consequences of road defects. These are not only limited to vehicle damage, increased insurance claims, but also present substantial risk of injury or even fatalities especially among motorcyclists.

“We also extended an offer of a 30 day free trial of our 3D mobile measurement system to road authorities, and will work with them to report back on results,” he added.

MobileWorxs, a UK-based enterprise mobility specialist, has been working with GPC Systems to market a 3D pothole software solution designed to identify and measure the depth of potholes for highways and road maintenance.

According to MobileWorxs’ Managing Director, Andrew Cahill, traditional methods of measuring pot-holes are slow and restrictive and involve time-consuming manual inspection and calculations to assess the extent of the surface repair.

MobileWorxs integrates the 3D imaging and modelling software with the Intel RealSense camera, which is mounted on a mobile handheld device or tablet, so that inspectors can fast track the process by taking a photograph of the pothole on site.

“The measurement software instantly analyses the depth and width of the pothole from the photograph and calculates the volume and type of materials needed for repair. This technology will change the future of pothole repairs forever and go a long way to support the objectives of National Pothole day.  Workers will no longer have to physically measure a pothole, therefore decreasing the amount of labour required and in turn increasing time efficiency,” said Cahill.

Statistics show that there has been a 29% increase in the number of potholes filled in England and London, the equivalent to 1 every 17 seconds. “Using the imaging solution, we could make this time even shorter. And even though there has been a general increase there are still 2,500 potholes reported per day on average,” he added.

In addition, our imaging solution is more accurate than manual measurement and integrates with other systems, providing an improved audit trail and legal documentation.

The MobileWorxs’ team recently shared a demo of the measurement solution with Mark Morell, who commented after the presentation:  “The 3D solution is a great piece of technology for 3D pothole scanning that not only provides depths, measurements and volumes for materials, but also makes it safer for highway staff to deploy due to less time spent on carriageways.”

Cahill says that this 3D solution is suitable for the public sector and authorities that handle road infrastructure maintenance and repairs, as well as the construction industry at large.

MobileWorxs will also supply consultancy software support and advice on suitable mobile devices to support specific 3D projects. For more information visit:


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National Pothole Day

National Pothole Day


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