Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro and Go Bundles

Introducing Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro and Go Bundles

Introducing Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro and Go Bundles

Searching for a tablet for use in your organisation can be a huge task. Then you find it – a Microsoft Surface, a device with great pedigree and it is a great solution in many scenarios. Now you need to protect that investment so the tablet can go wherever your work takes you.

And that’s where we come in. We have not only one of the most rugged Surface cases on the market and a glass screen protector, but  we can now offer the ability to purchase the Surface Pro, a rugged case, chemically strengthened screen protector and asset tag all bundled and ready for action.

Buying a Surface Pro bundle has certain benefits over putting a rugged case on your tablet and applying your own screen protector, it can be a stressful and difficult process. Something you can now avoid.

Surface Case Considerations

Purchase a rugged case for your Microsoft Surface then applying the case can be a challenge. Not only is it time consuming but rugged cases are designed to fit tightly to maximize protection. Cases often consist of more than one piece and need to be put together in a specific way to fully protect the tablet. Our xCase includes a rubber boot and ridged outer shell which provide more shock absorption in case you drop or bump you tablet. Because of the tight fit it needs to be applied correctly.

To increase the ruggedness of your tablet you should also consider a screen protector. however they can be notoriously difficult to apply so they are straight too much to the left or right and it won’t sit properly on the tablet. If you try to adjust it you risk cracking the screen protector resulting in a scrap rate for screen protectors can exceed 15% when improperly applied. This doesn’t even take into consideration dealing with dust or those annoying bubbles that can form if the screen protector isn’t applied correctly. Not only are dust and air bubbles frustrating, they can cause issues with touch screen sensitivity, increasing your frustration and decreasing your productivity.

Designed for Surface and Authorized Reseller

Plus we have a huge list of accessories such as carry straps, mounting kits, barcode and imaging solutions, device management software, extended maintenance packages and leasing options. All of these add ons can be bundled and sent straight into your project deployment.

Eliminate the Headache

So by ordering a Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro or Go Bundle you avoid all of these issues.  Put together by our Tablet Experts, your bundle is shipped straight to you, ready-to-deploy, right out of the box. No assembly, no headache, no hassle. Just open the box and go saving you time and effort to get rugged and go mobile.


Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro and Go BundlesIntroducing Rugged Microsoft Surface Pro and Go Bundles

Contact us at 44 1905 799555 or at we can help you configure a Surface Pro Surface Pro 6 or Surface Go with all the accessories to meet your needs. Bundled and Ready for Action !

Microsoft Surface Rugged Case in Education

Microsoft Surface Rugged Case in Education

Microsoft Surface Rugged Case in Education

The Microsoft Surface is one of the best tools for teaching and learning in a learning environment. It has the full power of a laptop in a lightweight touchscreen tablet form factor and has useful digital inking capabilities.  We know how challenging some education environments can be so developed the Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Go Rugged Case to help you protect your investment and get the most out of your implementation.

Our Microsoft Surface Rugged Case is impact-resistant with protected ports, preventing unwanted water and dust from entering the device – great for those field trips !

The Case is engineered for maximum protection are constructed out of an high grade plastic with rubber bumpers on each corner for added shock absorption. Lightweight yet durable.

Proven Ruggedness

For a device to pass a MIL-STD-810G drop test it must survive 26 drops from four feet. Many companies use up to five devices to pass those tests we only uses only one and provide video recording and test reports as a resource.

Easy to Carry and Hold

The Case offers a comfortable back hand strap, convenient briefcase handle and shoulder strap for reliable mobility. A secure grasp on the device is key to ease of use and preventing students from dropping the device, keeping repair costs down.

Fully Adjustable Easel – The cases feature an innovative rugged easel with a strong hinge to allow for viewing at any angle. Strong magnets are embedded in the case which keeps it securely closed when not in use. When closed the easel helps keep the Type Cover Keyboard securely attached to the tablet.

Surface Screen Protector

In addition users can shield the display of the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Go from scratches, smudges and chips by attaching a chemically strengthened glass screen protector. The water-resistant screen protector reduces wear on the device while preserving optimal screen clarity and fast response with both touch and Pen.

Microsoft Surface Rugged Case in Education

To learn more read the review or get in touch to arrange a webinar or meeting about using our Microsoft Surface Rugged Case in Education.

Microsoft Surface Rugged Case in Education