Rugged Tablet T1200 End of Life …and introducing T1270


Rugged Tablet T1200 End of Life

…and introducing T1270









The Rugged Tablet T1200 End of Life has been announced. Due to shifts in technology and components soon to be no longer available, the device will officially be EOL on July 31, 2018.

Service Plan

We are planning to continue full service support for the xTablet T1200 for three years following the EOL date. This is contingent on the ability to acquire replacement parts from component manufacturers. Due to the age of the device design we reserve the right to use refurbished replacement parts in the event that new parts become unavailable.


Accessories for the xTablet T1200, including batteries, may continue to be purchased and will be sold on a first come, first served basis until completely sold out. Minimum order quantities may apply on certain parts.

Replacement Product

We are pleased to report that the MobileDemand family of innovative tablets is continually growing to ensure we are meet the needs of our customers and provide the right tablet for the job. There are several new products in 2018. The replacement for T1200 is planned to be released in June 2018. The 12.2” xTablet “T1270” features a 7th generation Intel i5-7200U processor and is potentially the fastest tablet on the market.

T1270 is a next-generation device engineered specifically for the mobile workforce, offering a larger screen and boasting impressive productivity-enhancing options such as a 3D camera, 2D barcode imager, and fingerprint reader.

Rugged Tablet T1200 End of Life

T1200 will be available until July please check out the specs to see if this workhorse may be useful for your project. We encourage you to be in touch with any questions about the current and new products in the range or set up a meeting.

5 Years Worth of Rugged Tablet PC Abuse in 36 Seconds

5 Years Worth of Rugged Tablet PC Abuse in 36 Seconds

Ok Neat Video But so what….?

Understanding Rugged Tablet PC abuse helps us to relate to what should be a top factor when you undertake an enterprise mobility project – Total Cost of Ownership. The more you can reduce the TCO for equipment such as tablet PCs the better the return you can expect from your mobility investment. The value of quantifying rugged tablet pc abuse helps us to understand durability and longevity. This is especially key when providing for maintenance and help desk support for a system.

One snag is that given the fast evolution of mobile technology it is a very real possibility that the “brain” of the device will become obsolete fall behind the times while the case remains perfectly viable.

Expect and Plan for Change

This kind of obsolescence might be unplanned but you should expect it to happen a some point. There is no doubt your operating environment and business processes – and therefore your mobile computing needs will continue to change. Unfortunately you can’t necessarily predict exactly what that change will look like.

The key to optimizing your Rugged Tablet PC investment is to “future proof” your choice of features giving devices the flexibility and scale to keep working for you as long as possible.

Studies show that getting just six more months from your rugged tablet PC can significantly affect your bottom line. A 54 month lifespan can increase TCO by more than 14% compared to 48 months. Leasing can also help minimize the impact of an investment on an IT budget in any one year. There are also generous tax incentives in some countries.

Email or call us today to see how a rugged tablet pc can provide the TCO your enterprise mobility project is looking for.

Video Blog: T1200 Rugged Tablet PC with Windows 8

T1200 Rugged Tablet PC with Windows 8

A 10.4″ rugged tablet pc with Windows 8 Intel i5 Chipset built for   Knowledge Speed and Enterprise

Everything you need in a rugged tablet PC to get more done, faster.

Rugged Tablet PC with Windows 8

The high-performance, all-light readable xTablet T1200 bolsters productivity for mobile users who work in demanding environments.

This fully rugged tablet provides long-term savings over non-rugged devices with near 100% up time in mission critical line of business applications.

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