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Foodlogik is one of the UK’s leading integrated manufacturing and business system providers, specialising in the food industry. Their modular software package supports your business from Mobile Sales and Route Planning, Purchasing, Stock Reconciliation, Batch Traceability and Production Control through to Management Reporting with full Cost Analysis (and much more in between).

MobileWorxs are experts in rugged mobile computing solutions. Hardware built for the industrial workplace and designed to work in the real world. Handhelds & Tablets, Mobile & Industrial Printers mounted and delivered to last.

Together, this partnership offers a turnkey solution for the food industry. The MobileWorxs and Foodlogik teams work closely to implement a single system and resolve any issues that may arise without you having to play piggy in the middle.

Rugged Handhelds and integrated barcode scanning are available so you can utilise the best features of Foodlogik easily & quickly.

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Portable & Desktop Thermal Printers to integrate with Foodlogik every step of the way to make sure your labels get to your customer looking their best.

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A wide range of Rugged Tablet’s (available on Windows or Android) give your team the portability & reliability they require to run Foodlogik’s software anywhere.

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Whatever your hardware requirement from Foodlogik give us a call or fill in the form and we will get the best solution for you. 

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