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Our mobile industrial solutions assist manufacturers to meet the ongoing challenges of reducing product costs and delivering greater value to their customers through lean manufacturing, just-in-time and just-in-sequences practices. Our mobile solutions efficiently track parts and finished goods from the factory, through the warehouse and to the customer while seamlessly interfacing with warehouse management and ERP systems. Learn more

Consumer Goods

Industries 3

With tighter margins and increasing demands from distributors, retailers and consumers in the supply chain, consumer goods manufacturers need mobile solutions to ensure on-time delivery to the correct destination to manage inventory levels and customer satisfaction. Our mobile solutions provide the edge you need to achieve accurate and timely delivery, while improving inventory and reducing costs from the time the order is placed until it’s delivered to the customer. Learn more

Transport & Logistics

Industries 4

Using mobility in your transport and logistics supply chain allows for greater productivity and real-time communication away from the office or depot using rugged handheld devices that can confront all weather conditions, perform in airspace or on back roads, provide GPS location and sustain long life battery power. By linking your backend system, a mobile solution can send/receive new jobs and updates from employees on the road. Linking in with navigation allows for optimised driving routes, reducing costs and avoiding low bridge hazards, and tracking assets from the office. Learn more


Industries 5

Shrinking public sector budgets create challenges for IT project teams to reduce operational costs, provide better value to users and increase satisfaction, as well as increase service delivery and quality. Our mobile solutions, which cover a range of areas, can be rapidly deployed and can integrate into your legacy system.  So, eliminate tedious paperwork, free up time for workers so they can complete more critical tasks whilst reducing errors, increase accuracy and speed up back office admin cycles. Learn more

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