Transport and Logistics

Do you work in Transport and Logistics?

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Transport and Logistics

Using mobility in your transport and logistics supply chain allows for greater productivity and real-time communication away from the office or depot using rugged tablet or mobile computers. Enterprise grade devices can confront all weather conditions, perform in airspace or on back roads, provide GPS location and sustain long life battery power. By linking your back-end system, a mobile solution can send/receive new jobs and updates from employees on the road.

Proof of Delivery

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Proof of Delivery (POD) solutions enable your field service staff to make speedy, accurate deliveries improving both your profitability and your customer service levels. Achieve significant productivity gains by using the right combination of process analysis, mobile computer apps, dispatcher desktops and host integration.

Vehicle Inspection

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Using mobile technology, vehicle inspection apps includes inspections for all the elements of the vehicles in your fleet, whatever the sector. From vehicles and trailers to drivers and ancillary equipment. Legislation requires that vehicles should be checked for roadworthiness on a regular basis – a task that can become unmanageable with paper-based systems.


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Using handheld scanners and mobile computers, our Warehouse solutions provide total traceability in your premises for inventory transactions, such as receiving, dispatch, bin and warehouse transfers, job and purchase receipts, and stocktaking, particularly relevant to current Transport and Logistics challenges in the pharmaceutical and agricultural feed sectors.

Yard Management

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Applications include yard control and management and tracking the flow of vehicles and drivers in and out of your premises, track the vehicle weight before and after loading, which expedites the whole dispatch process, enhances security and increases yard management.