MobileDemand Flex 10A Keyboard

– Accurate data entry with full 87% Scale US QWERTY keyboard.
– Easy to attach and remove.
– Latches for strong connection to tablet.
– Durable hingle for any-angle viewing.
– Protective rubber coating extends keyboard life.

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This durable 87% scale Flex 10A keyboard has US QWERTY layout attaches to the bottom of the tablet and allows for fast and accurate data entry. It connects to the via pins located on the hinge. Flex 10A Keyboard has one USB port.

To release and remove the keyboard, simply push the button located on the hinge and detach it from the device.

MobileDemand recommends purchasing the xTablet Flex 10A Easel to support the device when in use with the keyboard. Read the Blog Post

Rugged tablet sold separately.