Snap Mount for iPad, iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Go Rugged Case

Snap Mount for the MobileDemand rugged xTablet T1150,A1150, T8650, A8650, T1540,  T1270 & Cases for Surface Go and the iPad 9.7″ & 10.5″

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The SH-AM-HD Snap Mount is a sturdy and durable mounting solution that includes a RAM 1.5″ Ball. The snap plate located on the back of MobileDemand’s xTablet T1150, A1150, T8650, A8650, T1540 and T1270. As well as cases for Surface Go and the iPad 9.7″ & 10.5″ models.  It features a ‘quick-release’ mechanism for a fast and smooth transition. Snap Mount makes installing your device a snap!. Please get in contact to discuss other mount options.