Standard Wall Mount – iPad, Surface Go and Pro cases

Standard Wall mount For MobileDemand’s xTablet T1150,A1150, T8650, A8650, T1540 or T1270 and rugged iPad, Surface cases.

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The standard wall mount is made up of 3 components,

  • The Snap Mount attaches to the snap plate, located on the rear of the Tablet, sturdy and durable. Secondly,
  • RAM-101-B, the small RAM arm and to finish it off is the square base.
  • This wall mount has a square base and is suitable for the following our iPad and Surface case products as well as rugged tablet model;  xTablet T1150,A1150, T8650, A8650, T1540 or T1270.

All you need to do is drill the square base to the wall attach the components and there you are, ready to mount and unmount your tablet as easy as ‘SNAP’.