Barcode Scanning


We have a wide range of barcode scanning devices from general purpose for retail or commercial environments to industrial grade that are designed to withstand the harshest of industrial environments. Companion scanners are the hotest category at the moment and can turn your consumer grade tablet into a field ready scanning solution. Get in touch to learn about barcode scanning from Zebra. Contact us

General Purpose Barcode Scanners


Our wide range of General Purpose Barcode scanners offer you a variety of choices for your data collection requirements. Available in both conventional laser, as well as linear or area imaging technology, we’ll advise you on the best barcode scanner to suit your application, whether it’s in-field, in the warehouse or in the factory. Contact us

Industrial Barcode Scanners


Our wide range of high performance Industrial Barcode Scanning is designed and built to operate in harsh industrial environments.  Whether it’s manufacturing, warehouse, inventory or shipping applications, we offer both laser and imaging technologies, as well as cabled or wireless options for standard scanning distance or ultra long ranges. Contact us

Counter Barcode Scanners


We have a range of on-counter barcode scanners that provide hands-free comfort and a productivity boost for workers in POS applications, such as convenience, specialty, and drug stores, as well as in healthcare and document handling in office environments.  Our in-counter scanners are for rapid and high volume check-out at retail store.  Contact us

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners


Our Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner enable high-speed, hands-free scanning of virtually any barcode on any surface. These compact scanners have a small footprint, so they fit into restricted spaces. Suitable for driver’s licence scanning, kiosks, ATMs, gaming, medical instruments, turnstiles, to name a few. Contact us

Companion Barcode Scanner


Companion Barcode Scanning provides an easy and affordable way to add enterprise-class scanning to any mobile device. If your workers are using tablets, laptops and smartphones, they share a common challenge – the consumer-grade camera used to capture barcodes. These pocket-sized wireless Companion Barcode Scanners offer advanced scanning technology, allowing your workers to capture virtually any 1D or 2D barcode in any condition in the time it takes to press the trigger. Contact us