Handheld Device Cradles 1

Our products are designed for use with your PDA during the hours of the day, all days of the week. There is always a thoughtful solution, from stationary charging at home or in the office, to vehicle-borne solutions with charging and connection for handheld, vehicle and remote communication. If our standard solutions are not enough, we can develop a solution based on your own specification. For more information about our cradle solutions and to discuss your requirement please contact us.

Single Desktop Cradle

Handheld Device Cradles 2

You can rely on stationary charging holders for home and office use to ensure that you always have a fully charged device when you start working. These cradles can be freestanding and wall mounted based on your requirement.

Multi Desktop Cradle

Handheld Device Cradles 3

The multi desktop cradle is ideal for charging a fleet of device at once while also saving space, a common problem with charging PDA’s. Benefits also include the ability to overview and manage multiple devices at once.

Vehicle Cradle

Handheld Device Cradles 4

The vehicle charger will protect your device and provide it with stable charging while in transit, at the same time being able to withstand hundreds of insertions per week in a demanding environment with heat, cold, vibrations and dust.


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