Brother PJ 700 Series

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Mobile A4 Direct Thermal Printer

Brother PJ-700

A4 Portable Thermal Printer Series

Quality A4 printing on the move.

  • User flexibility – Compatible with wide range of devices and operating systems.
  • Reliable – Direct thermal print suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • Lightweight and portable – Ideal for A4 and A5 printing on the move, weighing only 610g with battery.
  • Easy to use – No ink cartridges or toners to change on the move.
  • Customisable –  Variety of charging and accessory options. (including vehicle mounting).



Brother PJ-700 Series A4 Thermal Printer

The smallest, most advanced A4 portable thermal printer on the market with all-inclusive mobile device support and ‘out of the box’ performance. We’ve combined smart design with in-depth knowledge of today’s evolving mobile workforce. The PJ-700 series can be used in just about any physical configuration that customer’s work environment requires – mounted in a vehicle, transportable to a jobsite, carried in a case, or simply stowed in a backpack. Users are free to print, anytime and anywhere. Featuring a variety of options and accessories to suit everyone’s needs, a user friendly operation and a reliable lightweight design.

PJ-722 – The PJ-722 offers USB connectivity, mobile A4 thermal printing at 200dpi.

PJ-723 – The PJ-723 offers USB connectivity, mobile A4 high-resolution thermal print technology at 300dpi.

PJ-762 – The PJ-762 with USB and Bluetooth connectivity offers a fully portable and lightweight printing solution at 200dpi.

PJ-763 – The PJ-763 with built-in Bluetooth and USB connectivity offers a mobile A4 print solution with high resolution thermal print technology at 300dpi.

PJ-773 – The high resolution PJ-773 with built-in Wi-Fi and AirPrint offers a true wireless and compact mobile A4 print solution that’s ideal for use with tablets, smartphones and PC’s (300dpi high resolution).

PJ-763MFi – The PJ-763MFi offers an easy method to connect to Apple iOS devices, thanks to the MFi Bluetooth protocol. Compatible with a wide range of mobile and desktop operating systems, the PJ-763MFi can easily be integrated into your own apps and software using the various SDK’s (Software Development Kits) available (300dpi high resolution).

Tech Specs

Physical and environmental characteristics

Dimensions:      255(W) x 55(D) x 30(H) mm

Weight excl battery & paper:      480g (approx)

Performance characteristics

Print resolution:      203 x 200dpi (model number ending in 2) – 300 x 300dpi (model number ending in 3)

Print technology:     Direct thermal

Printing speed:     Ave.: 8ppm (under Brother standard environment)

Paper feed method:     Manual paper feed

Print width:     204.2mm (model number ending in 2) – 208.8mm (model number ending in 3)

No. of pages per battery charge:     Rechargeable Li-ion Battery: approximately 600 Sheets (1.9% printing duty and using a fully charged new battery)

Memory size (RAM/Flash/User):     32MB / 32MB / 6MB

Battery:     Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 10.8V (optional accessory)

Operating system support:     Windows® Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Windows® Server 2008/2008 R2; Windows® Server 2012/2012 R2 – Mac OS X v 10.8/10.9/10.10 – Linux

Mobile OS:     Android / iOS (depending on connection type, please check below)


PJ-722:     USB

PJ-723:     USB

PJ-762:     USB, Bluetooth

PJ-763:     USB, Bluetooth

PJ-763MFi:     USB, Bluetooth, MFi (Apple support)

PJ-773:     USB, WLAN (Wifi)


Built-in fonts:     Bitmap font: Helsinki, Brussel, Letter Gothic Bold Outline font: Helsinki, Brussel, Letter Gothic

Font sizes:     10 cpi, 12 cpi, 15 cpi and proportional sizes

Barcode support:     Yes