Rugged IPad Cases

Rugged iPad Cases

Rugged cases for iPad and iPad Pro – proven tough surviving 8-foot and 10-foot drop tests, easy to carry, mountable, and expandable. Protect your IPad and the valuable information it contains with these rugged cases that stand up to real world enterprise grade wear and tear. The world’s toughest and most functional case is now available.

Rugged xCase for iPad 9.7-inch

Rugged iPad Cases

  • Engineered for enterprise productivity, the MobileDemand rugged xCase for 9.7-inch iPad provides unparalleled durability and superior protection.
  • Shock absorbing rubber corner bumpers along with a structurally rigid shell
  • The tablet is transformed to an easy-to-carry device with the back hand strap and briefcase handle attachments, which are included.

Rugged xCase for iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Rugged iPad Cases

  • MobileDemands Rugged xcase for iPad Pro 10.5- inch has Distinctive rubber corner bumpers that provide extreme-level shock absorption.
  • The case meets MIL-STD-810G ruggedness testing, which means it must survive 26 drops from a defined height; a single case survived 26 drops from 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 feet! There is video footage to prove it.
  • A port cover protects the lightning connector, preventing water and dust from entering the device. The design, quality, and standards of the case are proven to protect your assets in tough industrial jobs.

Rugged xCase for iPad Pro 11-inch

Rugged iPad Cases

  • The Rugged xCase for iPad Pro 11-inch is, easy to carry, hold, and easily mountable because many users require the ability to mount the iPad in an array of locations including a vehicle, counter, wall, tripod, or other surfaces.
  • Perfect for business and education users, as well as super-user consumers.
  • MobileDemand has found users need proven ruggedness, but also the need to securely carry the iPad for extended periods of time. So conveniently made as light weight as possible.

Check out the proven strength and capability of the rugged iPad case, in this video showing the iPad being dropped 1000 times! and then dropped off a roof! 

iPad Drop Test

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