Our MobileDemand Windows rugged tablets offer multiple mounting and docking capabilities to meet all your requirements. Please contact us to discuss what’s available for each device.


Office Stand

Utilize the desktop / office stand to mount your Flex for ease of access and increased viewability.

Office Dock

The desktop / office dock enables you to charge the device and connect external peripherals to increase usability.

Vehicle & Forklift Dock

Secure your rugged tablet using the durable vehicle and forklift dock. Comes with multiple ports for attaching accessories, keyboard mount also available. Mount Options.

Snap Mount

Snap Mount is a lightweight docking system. The mount is sturdy, durable and taken only minutes to install using RAM parts. Working with the Snap Mount plate to enable a super quick release mechanism.


Snap Mount

A sturdy mount for your Flex or Microsoft Surface tablet. Easy to dock and undock. Attach the Snap Mount to your FLT or vehicle.

Wall mount

A bundle of parts that is necessary to mount your Flex tablet on a wall. This is the standard version.

Vehicle Mount

A bundle of parts required to mount your tablet in a vehicle.

Forklift Mount

The kit needed to mount your rugged tablet on a forklift roll cage upright post.