Volume Dimensioning 3D Camera System

Volume Dimensioning 3D Camera System 1

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MobileDemand’s industry-first broad offering of 3D camera systems will allow you to enhance your capability and productivity. Powered by the Intel RealSense Depth Camera D415 with 3D depth sensing, the rugged tablet with 3D camera will allow you to enhance your capability and productivity. Logistics functions can benefit by automatic dimensioning of pallets and boxes, while airlines can measure cargo and luggage automatically utilising a mobile rugged tablet. Industrial applications can include 3D scanning and modelling of assets and facilities.


Freight and Stock

Freight and stock dimensioning

Accurately collect dimensions of freight and stock. Supports boxes, pallets and containers as well as working with irregular shapes, sizes and materials. Learn more.

3D Pothole Measurement

Volume Dimensioning 3D Camera System 8

Quickly and accurately measure potholes, highway defects and in-fill jobs from a single image. Replaces traditional methods which are slow, restrictive and more costly. Learn more.

Wound Management

Volume Dimensioning 3D Camera System 9

Allows healthcare workers to accurately and constantly measure wounds, ulcers and burns. On average 74% faster at measuring wound dimensions vs standard practise. Learn more.

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