At MobileWorxs, we offer a range of focused enterprise mobility solutions that can be customized to suit your requirements, whether it’s in transport and logistics, manufacturing, field service or healthcare.

Delivery & Inspection


Whether it’s Proof of Delivery or Vehicle Inspection, enterprise mobility solutions and mobile devices play a key role in enabling the real-time management of stock, replenishment and real-time reporting in the transport and logistics industry. With our enterprise mobility solutions, you will experience increased productivity, inventory visibility, efficiency and profitability, while your staff deliver higher levels of customer care. Learn more

Asset Management

asset management

Whether you’re tracking parts, assets inventory or time and attendance, our mobile applications and rugged tablet PC saves time. In the manufacturing supply chain, time is more than just money, it’s also your reputation. With our mobile app platform, we can easily create a complete manufacturing solution that models your business processes to increase accuracy and efficiency. Learn more

Field Service


In field service, the use of enterprise mobility apps is a game changer, enabling the real-time management of stock/services, efficient stock replenishment and real-time reporting. Our specialised solutions, such as Merchandising, Field Service Automation, VAN Sales and Pest Control bring higher levels of accuracy, efficiency, management and reporting to your business. Learn more



Government departments are under pressure to deliver better results with less resources. By using innovative enterprise mobility solutions combined with mobile devices and innovations like the 3D camera for wound mangement, you can automate your healthcare processes, which will increase efficiencies, reduce operational costs, improve management and process visibility.  Learn more

Custom Mobile App Development


Do you need an enterprise-grade mobile app to replace a manual process or a legacy app or to create some functionality for your mobile workforce that does not exist within your legacy ERP system? Learn more