3D Pothole Measurement For Highways Maintenance

3D Pothole and Construction solutions

Providing a method of both quickly and accurately measuring potholes via 3D imaging, ensuring resource costs can be kept to a minimum. Traditional methods of measuring potholes are slow and restrictive. Our solution calculates volumetric measurements using a single photo. Our solution works across a variety of materials such as Asphalt and Concrete. No matter if your road, runway or NASCAR race track needs reinstatement work we can help. !

Why Dimension?

Customers told us that the cost of assessing constructions and reinstating works was excessive and inaccurate. Using 3D Construction, you can assess a construction and accurately measure the size and volume of the job and any in-fill materials needed. Suppliers can provide accurate proposals to their customers and follow this up with evidence of a successful construction. Customers can validate that a successful construction has been completed and any associated warranty forms can be provided. Integrated with the 4D Portal all this can be done with a click of the button to capture a 3D image and link this to electronic forms captured using mobile devices.

Speak to an expert

Have some questions? Contact us today to speak with one of our 3D camera experts who will be able to help you find the best solution for your project. We can offer live demonstrations, on site visits and more. 

Our Process: 

We assess the problem and ensure there is a mutual understanding of what is required to solve it.

Our team discuss how we can best apply emerging technologies to meet your needs and resolve the problem.

Vigorous design and hands-on testing allows us to quickly create a working prototype that demonstrates how the problem will be solved.

We believe our approach to customer relations, working closely with clients, is what enables us to continually deploy successful solutions.