xProtect Service Plan

xProtect coverage protects your tablets from accidental damage, product defects, wear and tear, failures and any other damage that occurs when the tablet is used for what it was designed for in your real-world work environment.

Plus, you’ll get email and phone support, 24/7 access to important product information and a set commitment on repair turnaround time.

The price paid for the service plan includes an initiation fee for data entry and system setup services for the plans purchased.

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xProtect Plan includes:

  • Five-day turnaround – does not include transit time to and from the repair depot
  • Protection for accidental damage and product defects
  • Set pricing for the term of coverage with 2- and 3-year service agreements purchased at the time the hardware is purchased, or up to 30 days after
  • Email and telephone technical support
  • 24/7 online access to support and other product information
  • Free preventative maintenance and re-loading of current software, when provided
  • Priority to remote access support
  • Only genuine MobileDemand approved parts used
  • Control over the entire repair process

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Full xProtect documentation below:

MobileDemand tablets are fully rugged and have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry with 1 to 3-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty included in the price of the product. Nonetheless, accidents happen and tough environments such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and field services, can take a toll on even the most rugged tablets, thus, MobileDemand has created the enhanced xProtect packages designed to replace the standard warranty from point of purchase and beyond to deliver customers tailored total cost of ownership options.

Our xProtect Service Plans will help you ensure business continuation, mobile worker productivity and technology investment protection. We know you need to stay in the field, and reliability matters. You can choose either 2- or 3-year protection, depending on the tablet: xProtect offers the following benefits:

  • Long-term cost savings: extend your coverage for the duration of the agreement to lock in the cost of repairs.
  • Five (5) business day in shop turnaround on repairs versus the standard ten (30) day turnaround on standard warranty repairs.
  • Free shipping back to customer with 3-year contracts.

Any time you send a tablet in for service MobileWorxs will also carry out preventative maintenance and can re-load current software.

xProtect Ensures Business Continuation

Our xProtect Service Plan protects your tablets and docks from accidental damage, product defects, wear and tear, failures and any other damage that occurs when the tablet or dock is used for what it was designed for in your real-world work environment.

We offer a separate xProtect service plan for cradles (this service plan does not include the wiring). Plus, you’ll get phone support, 24/7 access to important product information and a set commitment on repair turnaround time.


MobileWorxs as an autherised repair centre for MobileDemand  offers an optional xProtect Service Plan for a period of either 2 or 3 years. This Plan is available on all MobileDemand xTablet models and cradles sold separately. xProtect covers repairs resulting from accidental damage during regular use. Tablet components with the exception of consumable items are covered under the xProtect Plan – see exclusions for list of consumable items.

If tablet is deemed unrepairable by MobileWorxs, it may be replaced. Total replacement cannot exceed 4% of customer install base, for both tablets and cradles, on a rolling calendar year. There is a minimum replacement coverage of one unit for any install base less than 25 units. If customer has met 4% install base maximum, then it’s the customer’s choice to pay for a replacement or have the unit returned as is.Coverage does not include theft or loss of your device.

Install base is only those items which have xProtect.

There will be a £45 incident charge per repair for the following xTablet devices: Flex devices, T1540, T1550T8540


All products covered by this plan will be serviced at MobileWorxs designated Service Centre.

In order to obtain service under this xProtect Service Plan, the Customer must notify MobileWorxs of the claimed defect before the expiration of the plan coverage period and obtain from MobileWorxs a return authorization number for return of the product to the designated MobileWorxs service centre.

MobileWorxs Limited

Charles Henry House, 130 Worcester Road

Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire


United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1905 799555 | Email: support@mobileworxs.com 

Unless otherwise instructed by MobileWorxs, all products returned for service under this Plan are to be shipped to the following address.

The MobileWorxsd supplied RMA form must be included in the shipping container. Returns without an RMA form may be rejected. Where possible product must be re-packaged in its original factory shipping packaging when returned for service. Do not include accessories unless instructed or if they are suspected to be the cause of the issue.

Do not use foam peanuts in packaging. This material is not anti-static and may damage the electronic components.

Product shall be returned to MobileWorxs in clean condition. If product returned is extensively dirty, MobileWorxs may choose, in its sole determination, to refuse the product for repair and send product back to customer, or clean the product and charge the customer a £45 cleaning fee. MobileWorxs assumes no liability for damage or loss in transit.


For a 1-year or 3-year xProtect contract and 2-year xProtect extension contract, customer shall be responsible for packaging and shipping the product to MobileWorxs, with shipping charges prepaid by the Customer. MobileWorxs shall pay for the return of the product , on a 3 -5 day serviceto the Customer’s location. Expedited shipping is also available at the customer’s expense. The customer shall be responsible for paying all shipping charges, duties, taxes, and any other charges for products returned to any other locations.

Coverage is subject to the limitations and exclusions set forth in the paragraphs that follow.


Coverage shall not apply to any claimed defect, failure or damage which MobileWorxs determines was caused by: abuse, neglect, improper use of product; failure to provide product maintenance, including but not limited to cleaning of the display in accordance with product reference guide; installation or service of product by other than a Certified MobileWorxs Service Technician; use of product with any other instrument, equipment or apparatus; modification or alteration of product or units with Warranty Void labels that have been tampered with. External cables and replacement of screen protectors due to scratching, stains or other degradation will not be covered. Under the xProtect, items not covered are those from intentional acts, fire, loss, theft, normal wear (cosmetic) not affecting functionality, improper maintenance, and/or modification by anyone other than a Certified MobileWorxs Service Technician. Consumable parts are not covered under xProtect. Consumable items would be batteries, printing on the keypad, screen protectors, stylus, stylus tethers, stylus holders, bumpers, straps, handles, hatch covers, bezels, rubber flaps, wiring and power supplies.

xProtect plans for cradles and xProtect plans for tablets are sold separately.


For more information about how to raise an authorised repair, please email support@mobileworxs.com – State your device model and serial number. 


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