Sewoo Thermal Printers Target Cost-Conscious Users

Sewoo Thermal Printers Target Cost-Conscious Users

Sewoo Thermal Printers

Enterprise mobility specialist MobileWorxs has added Sewoo thermal printers range of products to its portfolio to target receipt and label customers in the logistics, manufacturing and field service markets initially in the UK and later in the EMEA region.

According to MobileWorxs MD, Andrew Cahill, rather than creating yet another value proposition based on the channel, they will primarily target end users who are new to AIDC and labelling solutions or alternatively, those who are refreshing installations that already exist.

The Sewoo brand, established in 2002, is today recognised as a manufacturer providing users in 80 countries with a comprehensive range of desktop, mobile and label printers serving retail, field service, hospitality, transport and logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and public sector markets.

In, 2017 the company underwent a name change from Sewoo Tech to J. Stephen Lab Corporation with Sewoo as the brand.

According to Cahill, Sewoo has an excellent reputation for combining value, quality and innovative design in the field of thermal receipt and label printing,

 “The Sewoo thermal printers range is a good fit as we support mid to large OEMs to find a market for their products at the end user level by providing them with a complete in-region sales and support offering. This includes a UK-based repair workshop consumables supply and new ideas around financing and support provision,” he adds.

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