RAM Mounts vehicle and forklift

RAM Mounts are the world’s leading source for rugged mobile mounting equipment and docking stations! Secure your device almost anywhere with our modular, interchangeable and rugged mounting systems. Choose from thousands of components with premium materials and backed by a lifetime warranty. Below is a selection of our most popular solutions however we offer many more configurations, if you are unable to find what you need then please contact us for assistance.  

RAM Mounts Holder

Step 1 –

Select a holder for your device

Select a holder to begin building your device mounting solution. You can choose to mount to your existing cradle or dock using a RAM Ball, mount directly to your device using a Snap Mount or mount your device using the RAM X-Grip and Slider Tab solutions.


RAM Slider TAB

Get the most out of your tablet with the RAM Tab-Tite spring loaded, quick release cradle. The spring loaded design makes it easy to load and unload your tablet, along with keeping it secure while on the go.


RAM X-Grip

The X-Grip is an universal device holder that can support most handhelds and tablets in virtually any environment.

Snap Mount

Snap Mount and RAM Ball

The Snap Mount offers a sturdy mount for your MobileDemand tablet, paired with a RAM ball it is a easy to dock and undock solution.

RAM Ball

RAM Multi Ball

The RAM Ball can be mounted to any existing device dock or cradle with it’s universal AMPS hole pattern. Multiple diameters available to suit different weights and sizes.

RAM Mounts Arm

Step 2 –

Select arms

Select a Socket Arm to build onto your Holder Tablet Mounting Solution. With multiple lengths, diameters, styles and materials available to meet your requirements. All arms are available with standard twist knob, steel locking knob, Pin-Lock™ Security Knob and Key Knob.

Double Socket Arm

RAM Multi Arms

Available in multiple sizes, the double socket arm has a socket at both ends that accommodates RAM balls. RAM’s socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Double-S Swivel Arm

RAM swivel

Consisting of double open ball sockets with a 360° rotation point at the centre and a connecting swivel joint that rotates forward and back 180°. The rubber ball and socket at either end, and a central pivot point provides unsurpassed adjustability. The RAM ball sockets maximise ball coverage for optimal fit.

No-Drill Vehicle Mount

RAM Mounts vehicle pole

The RAM vehicle mount is a workhorse for fleet and serious consumers alike. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles and simple to install, the RAM POD HD™ is an ideal solution for mounting tablets, small laptops and other similar devices. Requiring minimal space in the vehicle cab, it can be remove quickly without the use of tools.

RAM Mounts Base

Step 3 –

Select a base to be mounted to your application

Select a base to attached to your application, multiple solutions available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your requirements. Unable to find what you’re looking for? Contact us and we will be able to help.

RAM Ball

RAM Multi Ball

The RAM Ball can be mounted to most surfaces with it’s universal AMPS hole pattern. Multiple diameters available to suit different weights and sizes. Also available with magnetic and adhesive backing.


RAM Claw

The RAM Tough-Claw™ is the perfect mounting base for quick and easy tool-less installation and removal on round, square, odd shaped rails and bars. Ideal for mounting tablets, action cameras, smartphones and much more in a wide variety of applications.

Suction Cup

RAM Suction Cup

The suction cup is designed to have an extra strong hold on any smooth non-porous surface, but for best result, mount the suction cup on a glass or non-porous plastic surface.

RAM Clamps

RAM Clamps

RAM Clamps come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and materials to connect almost any rail or bar. Contact us for more information on different designs.

RAM Plate

RAM Mounts Plate

RAM Plate consists of a rubber ball, connected to a square plate with 4x100mm holes and 4x75mm holes in each corner. Different sizes are available.

Vehicle and Forklift Mount

RAM Forklift Dock

RAM vehicle and forklift mounting solutions features a heavy-duty steel mounting base custom designed to fit these vehicles perfectly. Contact us for more information about supported vehicle and truck models.

RAM Mounts

Your mount is complete!

Additional components may be required depending on your selection. Please contact us for information on how to purchase your mounting solution or if you require any further assistance.


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