Ingress Protection ratings, what’s important?

Ingress Protection IP ratings

Ingress Protection, whats important and why?

Ingress Protection (IP) Two letters that can cause much confusion. Today we aren’t talking about Internet Protocols or Intellectual Property. Ingress Protection is the name of the game. Though that isn’t terribly helpful either. By the end of this wild ride you should be able to wow your friends & co-workers by knowing what Ingress Protection is and why it is so important when choosing your rugged tablet.


IP Ratings where developed & are maintained by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). They break down into two digits. The first is the amount of protection the device has against solid objects (from dust to your hand). The second digit denotes how sealed the unit is against liquid intrusion.

Solid Object Defense

Ingress Protection Rating First Digit

(Solid Objects)

What it is rated for What that means in the real world
0 (Sometimes shown as X) Nothing This device has not been rated for protection against solid objects. Though it may still be rated for liquid intrusion.
1 Objects Larger than 50mm (~1.9”) This rating is not typical when referring to tablets or mobile phones. Anything smaller than 50mm can get into your device… As you can imagine almost anything could pass this test, even a chain link fence.
2 Objects Larger than 12mm (~0.47”) Much like ‘1’ this is not typical. You can’t stick your finger into the device but you could probably get a screwdriver or a straw in.
3 Objects larger than 2.5mm (~0.098”) Tools & Wires are often listed are things your device is protected against but really anything larger than 2.5mm shouldn’t be getting in. I think that even includes puppies.
4 Objects larger than 1mm (~0.039”) I’m running out of imaginary items for you to stick into your new tablet but you would be hard pushed to get a nail into the device, just don’t try too hard.
5 Partial protection against dust You can’t poke anything into the device but some dust can get in. Though it won’t stop the device from working. Though not suitable for environments with heavy dust or airborne particulates (such as a carpentry workshop)
6 Full protection against dust Dust can’t get in. You don’t need to worry about dust damaging your device.



Ingress Protection Liquid Defense

Ingress Protection Rating Second Digit

(Liquid Intrusion)

What is it rated for What this means in the real world
0 (Sometimes shown as X) Nothing This device has not been rated for protection against liquid intrusion. Though it may still be rated for protection against solid objects.
1 Vertically falling droplets You just bought a flat roof. Any form sideways air movement (wind) will allow moisture droplets into the device.
2 Vertically falling droplets with variation of up to 15° You just bought a slanted roof. Most forms of sideways air movement (wind) will allow moisture droplets into the device.
3 Vertically falling droplets with variation of up to 60° You just bought a better, slanted roof, it might even have a gutter. Some forms of sideways air movement (wind) will allow moisture droplets into the device.
4 Splashing water from any direction for a minimum of 10 mins. This is still a long way from waterproof. But you can carry your device in most types rain, from your office to the car, without fear. Just don’t try to use it as an umbrella.
5 Low Pressure Jets of water from any angle This is where we start to get towards waterproofing. If you (not Bear Grylls) can stand in the rain & work this device will be able to as well. If your brave it could even go through a car wash.
6 High Pressure Jets of water from any angle Bear Grylls could use this in a typhoon just don’t drop it in a river.
7 Full immersion in water of at least 15cm (~5.9”) for 30 mins You can drop this in a river and then take it out & carry on using it without worry. Just don’t try to use it underwater.
8 A step up from ‘7’ but the standards for the test would be set by the manufacturer & should be advertised So long as you don’t plan on using a steam cleaner or jet washing your device, you should be fine.
9 (K) High Pressure & High Temperature Jets. Also suitable for ISO 20653:2013 applications. Nothing can be truly waterproof but this is as close as you can get.


So what does this Ingress Protection mean for my Rugged Tablet, I hear you cry! Like the tricky minx I am there is no definite answer. This mostly revolves around the environment you want the tablet for.

Should the idea of human contact terrify you (and you don’t want to give us a call and ask for a recommendation) IP65 is a safe bet for most environments.

If you any form of dust heavy environment go straight for an IP6X device. This has become the defacto standard for most enterprise devices and it’s just one less thing to worry about. I would recommend IP6X devices for any user who doesn’t spend their entire day chained to their desk.

Should you want to use the device outside for any period of time aim for IPX5 or above. Below this point you are just opening the door to multiple repairs over the life of your device. The cost you save at the start will be quickly gobbled up by paying your staff to arrange repairs & replacements.

While tough to find on devices with a screen larger than 8” IPX7 will cover you for the vast majority of real world conditions. Unless you have some obscure use case or want to be using your tablet underwater for hours at a time choosing an IPX8 or above device is probably overkill.

Though I have focused on particularly rugged environments an IP65 rated device (especially when paired with a decent drop or tumble rating) can dramatically reduce the TCO of your devices. Have a look through our rugged devices and see how they can transform your workplace.

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Stay Connected with LTE Surface Tablet

Stay Connected with LTE Surface Tablet 1

The Microsoft Go and Pro LTE Surface tablet offer field based teams a whole load of performance balanced with portability and connectivity to get the job done.

Say Goodbye To

  • Batch upload – Highways maintenance inspectors can upload job data and images like our 3D dimensioning in real time.
  • Delayed Transactions – Direct store delivery drivers can merchandise and report storekeeper transactions and vehicle stock levels straight away.
  • Dependence on Wi-Fi at a client or temporary site – construction project managers can input real time assessments and images of contractor progress into their cloud system. Healthcare visitors at home can submit patient reports whilst on site.
  • Tethering with reduced speeds and without draining phone batteries – survey takers can upload household demographic information in real time.

LTE Surface Tablet

Surface Go and Pro with LTE are great for organizational device management and security. Removing the dependency on guest Wi-Fi reduces security risks from unsecured networks. LTE connected tablets also make it easier for IT administrators to manage rolling out business critical updates and new device deployments.

Today’s mobile environment demands innovative and reliable technology. Even if you are having to work at home at the moment an LTE Surface Tablet makes a great mobile office and with our case bundle turns into an excellent mobile platform when things return to normal. Read the review.

Our Pre Built Bundle Includes

  • Your Choice of Go or Pro in any configuration.
  • Our drop Tested Environmental case with easel, bumpers hand strap and carry handle.
  • Fitted glass or anti shock screen protector.
  • Mount, Barcode, 3D depth camera or payment Terminal options.
  • Keyboard. mouse and dock accessories.
  • Remote Device Management.

All of these versatile tablets ship pre-loaded with Windows 10 one year return to base warranty and lifetime access to our help desk.


Surface Go

Intel Pentium Processor 8GB/128GB or 8GB/256GB 10″ Display

Surface Pro

Intel i5 Processor 4GB/128GB or 8GB/256GB 12.3″ Display

Surface Pro X

Adreno 685 Processor  8GB to 16GB 18 256 or 512GB SSD 13″ Display

Get in touch to talk to one of our experts about enterprise mobility and how we can help you deploy value added devices throughout your organisation.

Stay Connected with LTE Surface Tablet Stay Connected with LTE Surface Tablet



Payment Terminal for Microsoft Surface

Payment Terminal

Payment Terminal Mounted to the Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface devices are growing ever popular in the retail segment, with a lightweight design, great performance and Microsoft’s brand recognition it’s easy to see why. However, until now there have been limited options for those wanting to mount a payment terminal to these mobile devices.
Fortunately MobileWorxs have come up with the perfect solution. Utilising our partner MobileDemand’s ultra rugged case while working with Ergonomic Solutions to mount their M-case holder and bespoke brackets, we are now able to offer a complete solution for those looking to use a number of industry leading payment terminals with the Microsoft Surface Go and Pro models. The same solution is also available for our range of rugged Apple iPad cases and even our Flex range of entry level rugged tablets. The solution is ideal for these needing to take payments both remotely and from a fixed location.

Payment Terminal

The case

Our US based partner MobileDemand have offered a rugged case for the Microsoft Surface devices for some time now. With an already large portfolio of accessories we knew that using their products would make a great base for this solution.
Some of the key highlights of their cases are:

  • Ultra rugged 2 part design with large protective bumpers
  • Easily mountable to a variety of surfaces with quick release feature
  • Easy to carry and hold with included handstrap and briefcase handle
  • Large offering of accessories

Payment Terminal


Payment Mount

Developed with Ergonomic Solutions, utilising their M-Case payment terminal holder + mounting bracket makes for an easy to install, versatile solution that supports a range of payment terminals.
Supported terminals:

  • Ingenico iCMP
  • Miura M010
  • Verifone E355
  • Ingenico iSMP4
  • Verifone E355
  • Ingenico LINK 2500 Slim
  • Ingenico LINK 2500 Touch
  • Ingenico Link 2500i
  • Verifone e280

The payment terminals can be mounted to the case in a variety of orientations to suit the user’s needs, these include both front and rear facing, left and right side of the tablet and finally inwards as show below.

We are able to offer this solution as a simple add on accessory (available here), this includes the payment terminal holder (M-Case), mounting bracket and fixing. *Payment terminal not included.
This kit can then easily be installed to any of the below product ranges:

  • Microsoft Surface Go case range
  • Microsoft Surface Pro case range
  • Apple iPad case range
  • MobileDemand Flex 10A ,Flex10B and Flex 10 Android

We also offer the Surface device, rugged case and screen protector as part of a rugged bundle, available for the Pro and Go models.

If you need assistance selecting the correct product for your device or have any questions then please get in touch, our team are always happy to help.

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Warehousing and Logistics | Computer solutions

warehousing and logistics

Warehousing and Logistics

The challenge

Demand for warehouse space in the UK has almost doubled in the past decade. To help you understand the significance of this, from 2007 to 2018 235 million sq. ft. has been leased or purchased. The equivalent of this is 3,000 Wembley stadiums. Ecommerce is responsible for this ongoing incline for need of warehouse space. Ecommerce has changed the buying procedure forever and input of warehousing is a crucial factor.

Ecommerce implemented a whole array of challenges for warehousing and logistics. Many retailers now only sell online because shopping in store is an outdated method, this in turn means all their stock is stored in warehouses. Retailers such as Amazon are an eminently successful example. Retailers like this lead the way for everyone else. Providing beyond expectation with things such as Sunday service and same day delivery.

But how can you make it possible to provide this level of service? For retailers to survive the pressure made by ecommerce there needs to be an investment in automation. People have high expectations when it comes to shopping. Warehousing and logistics are the support system for this. It’s the role of the retailer to make the online shopping experience as effortless as possible for the consumer, and due to the extreme levels of competition online. Retailers want to provide the most outstanding service with no comparison. 72.9% of online shoppers agreeing that they wouldn’t buy from a retailer if they had to pay for returns. So it’s evident that the consumer has increasingly high expectations and demands.

At MobileWorxs our experts believe technology is the way forward to contend with the pressures caused by ecommerce. We wanted to provide devices tailored to the specific needs of warehousing and logistics. The new range of Unitech mobile computer solutions are specifically designed to combat the issues in W & L. facing a return of increased productivity and efficiency.

The Solution

Starting with the PA760, this enterprise level Omni-channel PDA works as a multi-purpose solution. Ideal for a variety of applications including inventory control in warehouse, Inbound and outbound management in the retail industry, Parking management, field service and flight ticket checking. The PA760 has an expansive range of functions and capabilities. It’s the first 5.45” Android 9.0 rugged mobile computer with a split screen function. The unit includes the latest OS of Android 9 with Google certification. Android OS known to be at the core of warehousing, due to its faster processing, having more storage and memory. The PA760 also has a very practical design, and high durability. IP67 against water and dust, 1.8m drop resistant housing with bumper and 1.5m drop resistant housing without bumper. The exterior design also features a 5.45” Gorilla glass 3 touch screen with 7H hardness to keep it scratch free. The multi scan function means it’s available to read more than 10 barcodes at a time, greatly enhancing the process of scanning. Do you want to find out more about the PA760?


Another addition to the range is the EA500P (Plus). The Android 8.1 is a rugged 5” mobile enterprise computer. It has a combination of strong features with a powerful data collection. Providing convenient connectivity, reading capabilities and enhances the service level for a variety of vertical applications. One of the most flexible mobile computers with a weight of only 210g. The device is also equipped with a 13MP rear camera with autofocus, LED flash and 2MP front camera. The EA500P (Plus) is ideal for capturing digital evidence for proof of delivery. The unit also has 1.5m drop specification, designed to survive in harmful environments.  This device is perfect for usage in warehousing and logistics thanks to its wide variety of features.

Additionally there is the EA510. The EA510 consists of a sleek smartphone design with the inclusion of great enterprise features. The handheld has a large 5.7” screen, physically both thin and light. This makes for easy productivity. The content of the unit is extremely power efficient with full-shift usage, ideal if you are looking for a unit that can be used for a long period. The EA510 has a highly efficient processor this means you don’t have to worry about your device lagging in the middle of a task. The summary for this device that is has all round capabilities, being responsive, ergonomic and multitasking. Enhancing productivity in all kinds of applications.

Unitech’s new range has a full variety of mobile computers. The Unitech technology is cutting-edge bringing warehousing and logistics to an entirely new level of productivity, an investment in the future.



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Beginner’s Guide To Working From Home

working from home


Working from home

Many of us from around the United Kingdom and even the world have been affected by the impact of the recent pandemic. Due to Covid-19 a substantial number of people from around the world have had their lives completely changed. The advice myself and many others in UK have been told, is simply “stay at home” This had led to the closure of many shops, businesses and even schools. Similarly MobileWorxs has also chosen to implement special measures, deciding to follow the working from home procedure. This is so we can maintain the health and well being of all our staff.

At MobileWorxs we also acknowledge that this can be difficult if you’ve never experienced working from home before. So we’ve produced a “how to guide”.


First of all you need to make sure you have everything prepared before you start working from home. Assess the situation before hand.

  • Make sure you have a reliable computer at home or are able to borrow a laptop from either your office, friend or family member.
  • Is your internet connection secure and stable? The last thing you want is to sit down at your desk and realise you can’t load your web browser.
  • Do you have access to everything you need from your office? There may be restrictions on which content you’re able to view. It’s worth talking to your manager about this beforehand.


When you wake up

The next step is getting started. The best thing to do is get started early, you need to try your best to replicate a normal working day in the office as much as possible. It’s understandably difficult. Your journey to work every day helps you to mentally prepare for the day ahead, waking you up. So you need to do everything you can to replicate your routine.

Start by waking up and getting dressed into comfortable clothing. Don’t stay in your pyjamas (however tempting).

Maintain your usual routine, if this means eating breakfast before you leave for work, then make sure you repeat this before you get started.


Find your work space

Find a space in the house where you can work comfortably without any distractions. Perhaps the kitchen or dining room, where there’s a surface you’re able to work at. Even better if you have an office space in your home

Don’t set up your work space in your bedroom. Even if this comfortable private space seems the most appealing. One’s brain learns to associate the bed with relaxing and unwinding, rather than stimulating activities. People who regularly work in their bed, may end up looking at a screen before they go to bed and this inhibits the production of melatonin, an important sleep hormone that tells your body it’s time to rest. Providing yourself with the best night sleep means keeping all devices away from the bedroom.

Apart from this, working at a desk or table with a comfortable up right chair is crucial. In 2017 there was a worldwide survey of 20,000 managers and business owners around the world. And 25% of people said they didn’t have a proper work surface. 23% of people from the survey reported having bad posture. We don’t know how long we’ll have to be working from home for… so it’s detrimental that you’re sat up right whilst working. Unless you want to be paying a visit to the Chiropractor.

It’s additionally important that you have a place to work that expels any distraction. The 2017 survey also found 48% of respondents said their children or family were the number one factor when it came to being distracted. Maybe it’s a good idea to make sure everyone around you is aware that you’ll be working and you’d appreciate they respect this.

Starting your work

Once you’ve put everything in place you’re now sat down with your cup of tea or coffee. Everything is assembled in front of you, computer, note pad, pens etc. It’s time to begin working.

Some people find it really easy to get on with their work and have incomparable concentration, others find it very difficult.

You have to try your hardest to be strict with yourself. Try making a to-do list. I personally find this method works brilliantly using the to-do application on office 365. I’m able to see what need to be done, set myself targets for when each task needs to be done for. And it also stop’s me from forgetting anything too! The whole team at MobileWorxs use office 365. We’re able to share our lists and talk via teams. It’s the perfect tool for working from home.

A very important factor is staying off social media. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of checking the one notification from your friend, because you’ll end up spending 10-20 minutes immersed in to Facebook or Instagram. Try putting your phone in another room or maybe just turned over a distance away from you.

Think about setting yourself a schedule. Don’t refrain from taking a break because it’s a principle factor to keeping yourself concentrating. Get up go for a stroll with the dog or maybe just get yourself a bite to eat. This method will actually help you stay focused for longer.


New Entry-Level TabletsNew Entry-Level Tablets

Government To Spend More Money Filling Potholes

Government To Spend More Money Filling Potholes 2

Local Councils Claim to be Fixing a Pothole Every 17 Seconds

In this weeks budget the UK Chancellor’s announcement of £2.5 billion (€2.8bn) of extra funding over five years will certainly be welcomed by hard-pressed local authorities dealing with reduced highway maintenance budgets. Rick Green, Chair of the Asphalt Industry Alliance commented about the budget. Read his full text here.

Check out the AIA Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey (ALARM) which aims to take a snapshot of the general condition of the local UK road network.

Filling Potholes

In his address to Parliament Chancellor Rishi Sunak commented; “We can’t level up Britain and spread opportunity if we are spending our journeys dodging potholes and forking out for the damage they cause. It’s vital we keep roads in good condition.” 

In spite of the news that government is to spend more money filling potholes in roads campaigner Mr Pothole was not impressed. He claims around 95 percent of potholes could be avoided with long term management and said the government was wasting hundreds of millions of pounds.  With hundreds of people killed and seriously injured due to pothole-related accidents he urged people to report road defects to help save lives.

We Can Help....

Filling potholes can be a tricky business. We believe utilising new technology can assist in the fight on potholes by producing accurate measurements of road defects in the first place. By providing a quick and accurate way of measuring defects means on site time and material costs are kept to a minimum. Traditional methods of measuring reinstatement dimensions are slow restrictive and the results are often not integrated with other systems. Our software calculates volumetric measurements using a single photo. It logs the location and provides details of the material needed to perform a repair thus reducing waste. Learn more. Get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

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Surface Education

Surface Education 4

Why use a Rugged Surface in the Education Sector?

In the last few years technology has changed the way we communicate, connect, create, consume, and innovate, it is democratising access to opportunity. Education is no exception to this. Technology has completely changed the world in which we live. This is why it has become important to integrate technology into our schools and other education systems. Experts at MobileWorxs believe the Surface is the perfect tool.

The use of technology in the work place is making a continual increase so we should allow students to become tech independent in preparation for the real life changes they’ll face.

Why Choose Surface?

We believe that the Microsoft Surface is a leading tablet in the tech industry and especially when it comes to education or office use. But why do we think the Surface comes out on top? Firstly let’s think about the physical attributes.

The accessories that are specifically designed for use with the Surface are definitely a credit to the device. The keyboard is easily attachable to the tablet and doesn’t require any wires or Bluetooth but it has the immensely practical factor requiring any charging either, perfect for on the go use. Other features include a track pad so you aren’t required to use the touch screen compared to the iPad keyboard that only has the keys, no track pad and also needs charging. The Surface keyboard also has wrist support whereas the iPad keyboard doesn’t have any at all. It’s evident that the keyboard has been carefully designed to work in sectors such as business and education.

Additionally the Surface pen which is a staple part when thinking about use in education. The pen is super user friendly. Once again comparing to the industry leading mobile and tablet operator apple their pen doesn’t have the same connectivity with the iPad as it slightly lags and the pen requires charging in quite an impractical way, through the bottom of the device. The Surface pen is very much superior it has different buttons and attaches magnetically to the Surface. The pen also uses AAAA battery which promises up to 12-months of battery life. The battery is easily replaceable by simply twisting off the cap. And the connectivity with the Surface itself is eminent.

The Surface device alone has a kick-stand integrated in to the device but this doesn’t affect the subtle and simplistic design. The device also has speakers on the top and the bottom this is useful when using the Surface at different angles for example using it like a PC. The Surface is outstanding when it comes to use as a computer. This is Microsoft’s forte after all. Combining a PC ideology and a tablet design has proven a success exceeding other high end competitors.

So why is the Surface superior when it comes to use in education? Microsoft carried out some case studies on schools and universities that use the Surface in the classroom.

One example Located in Queensland, Australia, Hillcrest Christian College is an independent, coeducational day school that serves more than 1,400 students ages 3–18, in levels Prep to Year 12. The College also runs a full-day day-care programme for children ages 3–5. The College believes in preparing all students for a digital world. By using tailored applications that include Microsoft Surface and Surface Pen, it has seen early learners develop reading and writing skills up to 12 months ahead of expectations.

It was recognized by Cambridge University in 2018 as one of the 100 most innovative schools in the world. ‘We prepare our students for a highly automated and digital world from the beginning’, says Jeff Davis, Executive Head. Echoed by the school’s teachers, whose classroom work features extensive use of Microsoft Surface devices, Microsoft Office 365, and other learning and collaboration applications?

So Why Make it Rugged?

We’ve talked about the benefits of the Surface but why make it rugged? Next generation Surface Go case is designed for peace of mind investment protection with productivity enhancing add-ons that can turn your Surface Go into a PC. The main case features include the bumpers, easel, handle and a hand strap. All used to enhance practicality and efficiency, as well as a longer life for the Surface.

Applying a screen protector or rugged Surface case is difficult; the cases are tight-fitting and screen protectors commonly attract dust and bubbles under the screen. The scrap rate for screen protectors can exceed 15% when done improperly. Leave it to the installation experts at MobileWorxs to apply the bundles in a dust-controlled environment for a damage- and frustration-free experience.

The fundamental reason for using our rugged case is to protect your Microsoft Surface. For people who want to purchase a substantial number of Surfaces or if the Surfaces are going to be used by a large quantity of people it’s important to make sure the tablets would be protected. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is, multiple devices that have a cracked screen or some kind of fault especially if you already have a busy work schedule. We are able to tailor everything to your specific needs. MobileWorxs can also provide SureMDM an affordable and efficient device management tool. This allows you to take control of device activity. Perfect for managing a large quantity of devices. MobileWorxs can also offer other addons depending on your requirements. And even after your custom we will still be providing profound after care. We aim to come up with solutions that are well thought through, simple to use and have a positive impact on your education system. Come talk to one of our experts today to make the right changes to your education system.

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National Pothole Day

National pothole day

MobileWorxs supports National Pothole Day with its Mobile 3D imaging solution


In support of National Pothole day on Wednesday, 15th January this year, MobileWorxs lent its support by highlighting its 3D imaging solution that takes the hassle out of identifying and measuring potholes on highways.

National Pothole day is an initiative started by Mark Morrell, known as Mr Pothole, who has worked tirelessly for many years to raise awareness and funds in the industry and with government about the state of the UK’s national highways.

MobileWorxs’ Managing Director, Andrew Cahill commented, “We aimed to leverage National Pothole day to raise awareness of the consequences of road defects. These are not only limited to vehicle damage, increased insurance claims, but also present substantial risk of injury or even fatalities especially among motorcyclists.

“We also extended an offer of a 30 day free trial of our 3D mobile measurement system to road authorities, and will work with them to report back on results,” he added.

MobileWorxs, a UK-based enterprise mobility specialist, has been working with GPC Systems to market a 3D pothole software solution designed to identify and measure the depth of potholes for highways and road maintenance.

According to MobileWorxs’ Managing Director, Andrew Cahill, traditional methods of measuring pot-holes are slow and restrictive and involve time-consuming manual inspection and calculations to assess the extent of the surface repair.

MobileWorxs integrates the 3D imaging and modelling software with the Intel RealSense camera, which is mounted on a mobile handheld device or tablet, so that inspectors can fast track the process by taking a photograph of the pothole on site.

“The measurement software instantly analyses the depth and width of the pothole from the photograph and calculates the volume and type of materials needed for repair. This technology will change the future of pothole repairs forever and go a long way to support the objectives of National Pothole day.  Workers will no longer have to physically measure a pothole, therefore decreasing the amount of labour required and in turn increasing time efficiency,” said Cahill.

Statistics show that there has been a 29% increase in the number of potholes filled in England and London, the equivalent to 1 every 17 seconds. “Using the imaging solution, we could make this time even shorter. And even though there has been a general increase there are still 2,500 potholes reported per day on average,” he added.

In addition, our imaging solution is more accurate than manual measurement and integrates with other systems, providing an improved audit trail and legal documentation.

The MobileWorxs’ team recently shared a demo of the measurement solution with Mark Morell, who commented after the presentation:  “The 3D solution is a great piece of technology for 3D pothole scanning that not only provides depths, measurements and volumes for materials, but also makes it safer for highway staff to deploy due to less time spent on carriageways.”

Cahill says that this 3D solution is suitable for the public sector and authorities that handle road infrastructure maintenance and repairs, as well as the construction industry at large.

MobileWorxs will also supply consultancy software support and advice on suitable mobile devices to support specific 3D projects. For more information visit:


About MobileWorxs

MobileWorxs aims to help companies across FMCG, transport and logistics, health and government sectors improve the productivity, efficiencies and responsiveness of workers through the use of application-specific rugged mobile devices. The company focuses on mobile solutions that are quick to develop and deploy with minimal disruption to business, delivering a rapid return of investment.

National Pothole Day

National Pothole Day


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