Introducing Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Go

Introducing Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Go

Introducing Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Go

Our  xCase for the Surface Go is built with mobility and ruggedness in mind. The Surface Go Rugged Case provides superior durability and protection, keeping your tablet safe out in the field or in the classroom. Shock absorbing material and a standard Snap mount protect the Surface Go throughout the day’s spills, bumps, and drops.

The Go Case is currently not compatible with type cover, the aim is to remedy this is April.  Please call us for future compatibility options.

Engineered for enterprise productivity, the Rugged xCase is made to fit the Surface Go, provides unparalleled ROI durability and protection. Shock absorbing rubber corner bumpers along with a structurally rigid shell protect the Surface tablet throughout your daily operations. MIL-STD-810G tested for 6-foot drop means this case can handle even the toughest drops.  The optional durable, full-range easel (kickstand) allows for the Microsoft tablet to be viewed at nearly any angle. The Surface Go laptop/tablet is transformed to an easy-to-carry device with the back hand strap and briefcase handle attachments which are included.

Introducing Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Go

March 2019 Update:

We also offer a ready to deploy bundle including the Surface Go, our protective rugged case, a screen protector and asset tag all assembled for you by our boffins at MobileWorxs.

Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inch

Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inch

Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inch

This rugged case for iPad 9.7 inch is proven rugged, easy to carry and offers extended functionality for business and education users. The add-on capability of the case allows for users in retail environments to add PCI-compliant point-of-sale payment terminals and PIN pads to take payments in a mobile setting. In many settings the the built in Snap Mount allows for easy and inexpensive installation in a variety factory office Fork Lift and vehicle scenarios.

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The xCase for iPad increases drop resistance very substantially. It not only passes the stringent MIL-STD 810G, 516.6 IV military test, it far surpasses its requirements.

As is, the test requires 26 drops from 4 feet onto plywood over concrete, one each on each of the six surfaces, one each on the twelve edges, and each on the eight corners of a device. A device must still be operational at the end of 26 drops to pass. Drops are with power off, but after each drop power must be turned on to see if the device still works. And the test actually allows using five test devices. If one survives, it’s a pass.

That made no sense to MobileDemand, as out there in the field you won’t have four spares, just in case.

So they used just one single iPad in a case for their tests. And they left it on, because it’s quite possible that it’s on while it’s dropped. That single iPad passed the 26 drops of the 4-foot military test.

But sometimes they get a little nuts over there at MobileDemand. So they dropped it 26 more times from 5 feet. Still worked. 6 feet, 26 more drops. Still worked. 7 feet. Passed. Worked. 8 feet (!!). Passed. Still worked. That is more than impressive.

Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inch

Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inchGet in touch to chat about all the accessories for Rugged Case for iPad 9.7 inch

Rugged Case for iPad Pro

Introducing iPAD Pro 10.5″ Rugged Case

Introducing iPAD Pro 10.5 Rugged Case

From the creators of the Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Pro…

The Rugged Case for iPad Pro 10.5″ is our latest innovative product developed to satisfy the needs of the growing mobile industry. Are you ready to discover the wonders of the xCase?

The military grade Rugged Case is much more than just a drop-proof product. This time around the team at MobileDemand has made sure to cover the end-consumers’ needs, wants and priorities with the xCase for iPad, making it:


The case is successfully MIL-STD-810G tested and is complemented with rubber corner bumpers that make this possible. Additionally, a port cover stops water and dust related issues, which makes it an excellent choice for field service and industrial jobs.

User Friendly

It is easy to carry and hold as it comes with a convenient briefcase handle and a back of hand strap that allows a more comfortable and secure ergonomic performance.


The convenient and practical features go even further, as the iPad xCase can be mounted to vehicles, forklifts, walls, desks… and more! The Snap Mount is compatible with RAM fixings making it very easy to install and remove.

Add-On Equipped

The case opens up a whole range of new capabilities for the iPad Pro 10.5″ as it offers a number of screw inserts that allow the connection of add-on devices, including mobile payment methods and 3D cameras.

Introducing iPAD Pro 10.5 Rugged Case

iPAD Pro 10.5 To learn more get in touch to arrange a call or meeting about using our rugged Case for the iPad Pro or click through to our shop to purchase.

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