Microsoft Surface Pro Barcode Scanning Rugged Case

Barcode Scanning Rugged Case for Microsoft Surface Pro

The next generation of rugged Surface Pro cases now incorporates a Honeywell barcode scan engine for quick identification of packages, products, or parts. Shock-absorbing rubber bumpers and a rigid shell are designed to fit securely around and provide superior protection to your Microsoft Surface Pro while you work.  

Premium barcode scanning case includes:
– Case
– Back Handstrap
– Briefcase Handle
– Honeywell barcode scanner module

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Our next generation Surface Pro case is designed for peace of mind investment protection coupled with productivity enhancing add-ons. This one turns your Surface Pro into a barcode scanner to scan barcodes for quick identification of packages, products or parts in a warehouse, stock room, store, truck, and more. The back hand strap and briefcase handle attachment, make the Surface Pro tablet easy to carry and multiple scanner trigger buttons on the Honeywell barcode scanner make it comfortable to scan multiple barcodes from different positions. 

Engineered for enterprise productivity, the MobileDemand Rugged xCase for Surface Pro is made to fit the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro LTE, Surface Pro (2017), and Surface Pro 4. Improvements to the shock absorbing rubber corner bumpers, provide a more industrial look and feel along with a structurally rigid shell that supports additional productivity enhancements, like chip & pin payment modules, magnetic stripe readers, or 3D camera technology.

An option for companies purchasing multiple devices is the ability for MobileDemand to apply custom asset tag labels to each individual case. Asset tags allow users to maintain an efficient, effective system for controlling and tracking the tablets.

For on-the-road applications, MobileDemand recommends the use of the tablet vehicle mount. It keeps the device safe and secure and is an ergonomic way to utilize the tablet when not in-transit.

Note: The SD card slot is covered and inaccessible when the rugged case is on the tablet.

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Rugged Surface Pro xCase  – Physical characteristics

Weight Premium xCase: 4.06 lbs.
Dimensions Including bumpers: 11.79″ W x 8.22″ H x 0.61″ D (299.49 mm W x 208.90 mm H x 15.55 mm D)
Drop / Shock MIL-STD 810G, 516.6 IV: 26 repeated drops to 1 operating unit on to plywood over concrete from 48 inches
Materials Shell: PC/ABS plastic

Rubber casing: Silicone rubber, Shore A 60 durometer

Seal door: Silicone rubber, Shore A 60 durometer

Included with Premium Case Standard Rugged Case

Mounting Compatible  (additional components reqired)

Type Cover Compatible (additional components reqired)

Type Cover Loops

Protected Ports

Hand Strap

Briefcase Handle

Rugged Case Surface Pro


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 cm