MobileDemand rugged tablets offer a large variety of accessories to meet all your requirements. If you are looking for mounts and docks for your MobileDemand tablet please click here. Alternatively contact us and we would be happy to discuss what’s available for your rugged tablet.

Batteries and Chargers

4-Slot Battery Charger

Charge up to 4 spare batteries for your rugged tablet. Fits standard and XL batteries.

Standard Battery

The XL battery provides up to 15 hours of life for the T8650 rugged Windows tablet.

XL Battery

XL Battery to increase usage life of your rugged tablet.

AC Charger

Standard AC wall charger for your rugged tablet.

Straps and Handles

4-Point Shoulder Strap

Prevent damaged and lost tablets by utilizing the 4-point shoulder harness.

2-Point Shoulder Strap

Attach the strap to the tablet and sling it over your shoulder for easy carrying.

Scan Handle

The first in its class, cordless, high-performance, Bluetooth Scan Handle for the xTablet T8650. Activates barcode scanner.

Back Hand Strap

Replacement or spare hand straps for the MobileDemand family of tablets.

Other Accessories

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Magnetic Stripe Readers turn your Windows® tablet into a POS productivity system.

Flex 10A Keyboard

Attach a full QWERTY keyboard to the Flex 10A for fast and accurate data entry.

Screen Protector

Extend your xTablet mobile screen’s life with a scratch-proof screen protector from MobileDemand.

Flex 10A Easel

Attach the easel to your Flex 10A rugged tablet and allow for any-angle viewing of the device. Also available for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 & 4 cases.